What’s Your Leveling Strategy?

Recently I’ve been rotating between playing three alts: a feral druid, a fire mage, and a ret pally.  They’re all pretty close in level, and two of the three are in Outland.  I’m kind of excited to be able to see all this content again that I haven’t seen since… uh… probably since I leveled my resto druid back in Wrath of the Lich King.

My leveling tactic with them is to alternate days, so that I play one of them every three days.  This lets them build up lots of rested time inbetween playtime, and that plus heirlooms is keeping things pretty quick.  Still, Hellfire Peninsula is just as much of a slog as I remember.  I’m looking forward to being able to split my three little lowbies across the various Outland zones (and Northrend zones) with as little overlap as possible, but unfortunately you gotta do the Hellfire slog on pretty much everyone.

How do you guys level?  Do you just burst through LFG or do you actually quest?  Or is it a mix?

One thought on “What’s Your Leveling Strategy?”

  1. Since I have no interest in “End Game”, I’m in no hurry to level. Exploration, some crafting or gathering or even farming/grinding supplement questing, but none of these is a goal in and of itself. Eventually the exp bar fills up and I’m rewarded with a flashy golden halo. I have more than 70 characters over my two accounts so there is plenty of distractions if I get bored of any particular area. There are no heirlooms and dungeons or pvp are rare events but rested exp helps speed things up somewhat. Wow is also far from the only game I play and in most other MMO’s, I dink about on alts in an even less focussed manner – at least with wow I’ll get several max-level characters by the end of an expansion.

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