Still Waiting For Account-Wide Tabards

Titles are account-wide.  Pets and mounts are account-wide.  Toys and heirlooms are account-wide.

But you know what I REALLY want to be account-wide?



Because as is I have two characters with Tabard of the Argent Dawn but my current main doesn’t have it.  Just my luck, right?  But yeah, I would LOVE to be reunited with it.  I’ve already been reunited with my Vampiric Batling and Spirit of Competition.  Tabards next?  Please Blizzard?

2 thoughts on “Still Waiting For Account-Wide Tabards”

  1. I agree. I also have an Argent Dawn tabard on one of my characters (Shagrat) that I’d like to use and a tabard of the Scarlet Crusade on an old character that’s been collecting dust for years now.

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