Has Anyone Ever Successfully Managed to Navigate the Exodar?

I mean, seriously.

EXODARPic related, it’s an actual map of the Exodar.

Okay, seriously, I have never, in the eight years it’s been since Burning Crusade, been able to navigate this thing.  Ever.  It used to be I’d have to hearthstone to get out.  Recently I ran in as a Horde character with for the Midsummer achivement and guess what, I had to hearth out.  After spending like ten minutes trying to find the stupid bonfire to begin with.

The Exodar and me just don’t get along.  We just don’t.  It’s probably because it knows that I’m actually a blood elf in real life and is doing this just to spite me.

Is it just me?  Please tell me it’s not just me.

7 thoughts on “Has Anyone Ever Successfully Managed to Navigate the Exodar?”

  1. I can navigate the Exodar… But I am a Draenei in real life. And yes, I agree that the geography of it is hard.

  2. I thought the Undercity was a pain to learn, but I did eventually learn it. The Exodar though… won’t go there unless I absolutely must, because I get lost right away.

  3. My first toon was a Space Goat. The Exodar (which should be a disco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPxDfGLbP4E ) is easy peasy to navigate. I take my (non-Goat) mage back there all the time when I need to work out on training dummies and such.

    Undercity? Holy crap is that place a maze. It’s impossible to even leave it unless you know what you’re looking for.

  4. That’s probably why the Exodar crashed in the first place. The pilot went to the bathroom and then got lost trying to make their way back to the cockpit.

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