[FFXIV] I got some sort of Kill Shot move and it’s awesome

I’m a huge sucker for execute-style moves in games.  You know, like Kill Shot, and whatever the Paladin one is called.  So anyways in FFXIV I definitely have one now and it is fan-friggin-tastic.

Two things I like about this game so far;

  • You can get food that will get you an EXP bonus as part of your well-fed bonus.  WTB this in World of Warcraft.
  • There are things called FATEs, which are basically outdoor activities that you can jump in and out of and that get you tons of bonus experience for killing things nonstop.  Actually, the fact that I can kill things nonstop is one of the things I like a lot about this game.  I’m just running around shooting things.

I only played a short session today because I got to the point where for the life of me I can’t figure out where some of the quests want me to go.  So after Running Around Shooting Things™ for quite some time, I decided to log out for the day.  I am a level eight archer on Day Two of my little excursion, so I think that’s pretty good.  I mean, I assume so.  I wouldn’t know, I guess!

2 thoughts on “[FFXIV] I got some sort of Kill Shot move and it’s awesome”

  1. If it helps: For many quests you can open your quest log and look at the specific quest that’s giving you problems. At the bottom of the description is a button marked Map. That will bring up the world map with a little quest icon on it. Clicking that icon will drill down through the region and zone maps until you get to the right spot. There will either be a “talk to this person” marker on the map or an orange circle(s) indicating where the target(s) can be found or both.

    If you are stuck on the “come back when you’re properly dressed” quest or the “get this guy a potion” quest, there is a vendor in the nearest quest hub that will sell you pants (Battle Gear option) or a potion (Tools or possibly Items option.)

  2. There’s a level 20 FATE called Lazy Laurence in the East Shroud, and you know what? It drops a minion. Also, look out for Odin.

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