The Ultimate Cross-Faction Dick Move

…is when they kill your follower before killing you.

There’s some druid who hunts me down at least once a day (what did I ever do to you, bro?) and does just this.  Yes yes, I know, PvP on a PvP server, whatever.  But what did Vivienne do to you?  What did Aeda Brightdawn do to you?  WHAT DID TALONPRIEST ISHAAL DO TO YOU??

btw I just saw this movie yesterday and it's brilliant.
btw I just saw this movie yesterday and it’s brilliant.

The second biggest dick move is in PvP is in battlegrounds when they take your insignia for no reason.  Like really does anyone rez anywhere BUT the graveyard?  No reason to take the insignia but some people do it anyway and I feel like it’s the WoW equivalent of teabagging or something.  I dunno why I feel that way.  Always have.  Is it just me?

Okay, enough of my ranting.  Originally I had a completely different post lined up but that fecking druid, guys.  That fecking druid.


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cross-Faction Dick Move”

  1. I admit, when I used to PvP, I used to be that guy who went around collecting insignias. Not out of spite or anything but because they have you a small amount of coin.

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