Has anyone even used that free level 90 boost yet?

I still have my level 90 boost, sitting there on my log-in screen, taunting me.  I almost wish I could hide it because I have a feeling it’s going to be there forever.

I mean, leveling goes so fast these days (the other day I leveled my baby paladin from, like… 32 to 36 in about an hour and fifteen minutes, and she’s not even in full heirlooms) and I like the idea of slowly learning about your skills and abilities over the course of several levels.  I recall using a couple of level 80 boosts back in the day (when they came with recruit a friend) and I basically never touched those characters again because I had no idea what I was doing.

I guess I could use it on (yet another) hunter, because then I would already know what I was doing.  But… but… I like leveling hunters!  That’s why I have ten million of them!

So yeah.  Has anyone else used their free boost yet?  What did you use it on?

6 thoughts on “Has anyone even used that free level 90 boost yet?”

  1. I used my insta-90 boost pretty quickly, deciding on my DeathKnight, who was high enough level to also get the trade skill boost as well.

    In our guild, one of the team not only used his boost, but bought another one. Now he has too many garrisons to manage, since he also leveled up five or six other characters through Draenor.

  2. I used mine on a hunter because a friend wanted to try life on another server, so I rolled a new lady to go with them.

    …now she’s 92 and logs in to run Onyxia once a week because both of us went back to our main servers.

  3. I used it on my lvl 60 shammie, because then your professions also gets boosted. Also your boosted guy doesn’t get all the spells all at once. They spread it out a bit, which is nice.

  4. Interesting to see the different thoughts and reasons here. Thanks for sharing! @Xhia – hope you enjoyed your little jaunt Horde-side! 🙂

  5. Mine instant 90 is still adorning my sign-in screen too. But I am toying with creating a class I’ve already played but on the Horde side (as all my current toons are Alliance) and also on a different realm, I’ve had a Horde character before but changed faction when I pulled it off a dying realm.

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