At Least When Real Life Sucks, Blizzard Still Loves Me

This morning has kind of sucked.  I’m going to avoid details for now but suffice to say now I get to do the fun adult game called Spending A Bunch of Money On Grown Up Stuff That Isn’t Video Games.

disgustFortunately, Blizzard Video Game Fun Company Ltd. Inc. has decided that they love me.  That Bestial Wrath buff I spoke up yesterday?  Guess what: it’s LIVE!

15 secondsIt’s live, and it’s glorious.  I’ve heard some people say the min/maxing isn’t a big improvement.  I don’t care.  It’s big, it’s red, it’s BACK, baby.

(I do so love how this was announced and then given to me all in one day.  I swear they did this specifically for yours truly.)

Also I can make carriers in my shipyard now.  And the dicerolls are giving me carriers with A++ names.  Like Rommath’s Fire.  It matches well with Lor’themar’s Arrow, and with Halduron’s Stupid Sexy Hair (okay, I don’t have that boat yet) (but I will)

So yeah.  Real life may not be my friend, but at least video games still are!

3 thoughts on “At Least When Real Life Sucks, Blizzard Still Loves Me”

  1. I was trolling (ha! because he’s a troll. Get it? …I’ll see myself out now.) around on Shagrat and I love the buff. Just five more seconds and it’ll be back to it’s almost former glory. Just need the CC immunity again and it’ll be perfect.

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