Flying’s Triumphant Return

It looks like Blizzard has had a change of heart (or a change of sub numbers, perhaps…) and flying is coming back.  Not long after the next patch, too.  Granted, in order to earn flying you have to do a sort of weird grindy runaround which hearkens back to previous grindy expacs like TBC (getting revered with a faction before doing their heroics, anyone?) but on the other hand I already have Loremaster of Draenor and I’ve already done the vast majority of the bonus objectives so I don’t think tearing down the rest of the busywork will be that bad for me.


I’ve written before about why I have always been a flight supporter, so I’m happy about the change.  Obviously nothing is ever going to please everyone, but something like this seems to be a decent enough compromise.

Now maybe we can all put the subject to rest and move on to more important things like how we’re GETTING CARRIERS IN 6.2 HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP

4 thoughts on “Flying’s Triumphant Return”

  1. Unfortunately, with the way they are doing it, it pretty much turns the overworld into old content if you aren’t into doing a lot of alts.

    Basically, it’s a sneaky way to give you flight in old content without seeming like its old content…

  2. I’m so completely satisfied. I haven’t done any research into how “long” the grind is, but the way they’re doing it seems to imply that anyone who generally keeps up with all the daily whatnots will be done when they patch it in– effectively we will all get it at the same time.

    I wasn’t expecting them to allow it from level 90 on alts, but not complaining at all. I need more incentive to play my alts again. I enjoy too many classes to not play them.

    It seems like every time I leave Draenor I suddenly notice how much I missed flying.

  3. Glad to see Blizzard’s change of heart. I’m not playing WoW, but I see that people like flying. And when Blizzard does something, it ripples the water for other MMOs. Hate to lose flight permanently elsewhere.

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