You Wanna Know The #1 Thing I Miss About Playing Alliance?



Bar none the best mount in the game, and Horde can’t get a single one.  Not as a rare drop (a la the ZG raptor/panther or Kael’thas’ hawkstrider) or anything.  Nope.  We just do not get mechanostriders.

Why, Blizzard?  Why must you torment me so?  I recall so many days spent farming the Argent Tournament dailies specifically to get the greatest of all mounts, the glorious Gnomeregan Mechanostrider.  And now I never even see it anymore.  Guess that’s what I get for being a filthy faction-switcher.

Maybe someday all my dreams will come true.  Maybe someday us Hordies will have access to that most glorious of High Tinker Mekkatorque’s inventions, the marvelous, magnificent mechanostrider.

Until then I’ll just sit over here dreaming.  /sigh

One thought on “You Wanna Know The #1 Thing I Miss About Playing Alliance?”

  1. As Alliance, I dread these and any engineering-esque mounts (only because of the noise). But you would think by now that we could basically ride whatever mount we wanted – surely we would have learned to do that, after everything that has happened in all these years. Even if it is just that you found one broken down in the Barrens and you tinkered with it until it worked.

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