I Just Love Garrisons So Much

I was thinking about this the other day – I needed to make some buff food but I didn’t have quite enough of the correct kind of fish, so I ran up to the trader and exchanged some garrison resources for some.

And it was just perfect.  It’s just perfect for if you need a little bit of something.  You can snag it right there in the garrison without even running to the auction house or anything.  I love it.  I love it so much.  It’s so streamlined.

I love garrisons in general.  I know some people say that it takes away player interaction, and I guess I can sort of see it a little?  But ultimately I don’t spend much time there, and I only ever do invasions with another player.  (I hate doing invasions alone, in fact!)  So for me, anyway, I don’t feel any sort of loss.  If anything it’s relaxing to have a safe place to retreat in-game every so often.  I am a nerve-wracked and high-strung soul, at heart.  It’s nice to have a personal little sanctuary, and a centralized hub to return to between all the other stuff you gotta do.

So yeah.  GARRISONS.  I love them and I’m going to miss them when Blizz inevitably pulls a Pokemon and retires a good idea.  But maybe next we’ll get something better?  Who knows!


One thought on “I Just Love Garrisons So Much”

  1. Garrys are ok, but imho Blizz missed an opportunity to make them great.
    Instead of keeping people locked away in individual garrisons, how about guild ones?
    People could share harvesting of materials, bonuses for characters that are actually herbers/miners.
    Guild leadership could choize what building get built depending on guild aims (casual/raid/pvp).
    Could also make missions interactive. Small ones take yourself and a follower out to the world to complete. Large ones take a few followers and a number of guildies to complete.

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