I Want My Druid Back


I used to play my druid a lot.  Heck back in Wrath of the Lich King I raided on my druid a lot.  She was a proud Tree and had been that way her entire druidic career.  I loved the whole shapeshifting aspect of druids.  Not everyone felt that way – a lot of people wanted to see their character or their armor or whatever.  Not me; I already had one night elf, I didn’t need to stare at another all the time.  Seeing her in various forms was fun and the highlight of the class to me.

Then Blizzard put Tree Form on a cooldown, and since then I haven’t played my druid.  I’m not even kidding.  It’s been, what, five years?  Six years?  She’s sitting in Stormwind in WotLK raid epics.

Is it silly to be attached to something so trivial as a pixelated form on your screen?  Yeah, probably.  But I was attached.  I loved my druid because I loved my tree.  I missed my tree.

Tree_of_Life_formSince then Blizzard has added a glyph that means you can be in the old treant form all the time, but somehow it’s not the same.  Between “real” tree form now being optional and the fact that 90% of balance druids I see are glyphed into astral star form rather than Moonkin, it feels to me like the game is downplaying what was always my favorite part of druids – being able to turn into weird crazy stuff.  Yes, all of this is of course a choice.  Yes, this is what other people want, and I accept that.  I wouldn’t want to take these options away from anybody.

But it still makes me sad. 🙁

I want my druid back.

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