Okay Blizzard it’s time to revamp draenei and blood elves

I’m sure I’ll get some comments that disagree, but IMO draenei and blood elves have basically the best lore in the Warcraft universe.

But, of course, if you roll a new draenei you get the same old “OUR SHIP JUST CRASHED!!111!1” quests we got eight years ago, and if you roll a new blood elf they’ll helpfully inform you that ~~Kael’thas is going to lead our people to Outland~~ even though that stopped being current lore, like… halfway through that same expac.

maroney_rect1-460x307_crop_northRevamp both starter zones already, Blizzard.  Make them flyable.  Make it so more of Silvermoon is rebuilt and not covered in statues of Kael’thas or fel crystals, because all of those stopped being relevant like seven years ago.  Seriously, Blizz.

While we’re at it, let’s revamp Outland.  I mean, as much of a nostalgia junkie as I am, I’m also a realist, and I accept that jumping from the Cata-revamp content to Burning feckin’ Crusade kind of hurts a little.

Actually, you know what?  To heck with it.  Let’s just get a draenei/belf expac.  This can be followed up an expac where Chromie teleports us millions of years into the past to watch the Titans and Old Gods fight because it would be awesome.

3 thoughts on “Okay Blizzard it’s time to revamp draenei and blood elves”

  1. Let’s just get a draenei/belf expac.

    We had that. It was called The Burning Crusade and was, aside from the Draenei starting zone, 99.9% a Blood Elf expansion.

    No I’m not fucking bitter 7 years later, why do you ask? (okay that’s a lie)

  2. I 100% agree with the s tarting zone things. But if you want a GREAT show of Draenei culture on how they lived before Draenor went boom, play Alliance in WoD (if you haven’t yet). It really really hits home how much the Draenei have truly lost and totally makes you love them even more.

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