Top Five Things From WoW That Need to Step on a Lego

There have been a lot of changes in WoW since the last time I played.  A lot of these are pretty great, but some are not-so-great.  Here’s my own personal list of the not-so-great:

5. Lack of Hunter Stat Sticks

I’m fine with getting rid of minimum range (good luck getting me to break the habit of keeping range though), but how am I supposed to carry both Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle AND Legacy now? Pike is not impressed.


4. Chess Event is Bugged

All I want to do is to solo Karazhan but as of 5.0.4 Medivh now cheats every ten seconds instead of every minute. Have fun doing this one solo! Especially when nobody tells you of the bug and you spend an hour trying to do it.

LEGO RATING: That long skinny piece.

3. Wailing Caverns is Still In The Game

I will fiercely defend stuff like BRD and Gnomeregan until the end of time but Wailing Caverns is just something else entirely. The great part is that Blizzard said something like “Hey guys, we’re nerfing Wailing Caverns to make it easier!” but in reality their idea of a nerf is as follows:

Actual in-game map of Wailing Caverns.

: That pointy triangle piece.

2. You Can Still Get Sunken Temple as a Random Dungeon

Accurate depiction of what I do when that happens:

LEGO RATING: Two pointy triangle pieces.

1. Gnomes Still Can’t Be Hunters

LEGO RATING: All the legos that you need to build a Turbo-Charged Flying Machine.

8 thoughts on “Top Five Things From WoW That Need to Step on a Lego”

  1. I never minded Sunken Temple or Wailing Caverns that much. Now the designers for Mara need to fall in a deep vat of Legos, heated to the point they burn but do not melt. I hated that long trip down to the instance from Nijel’s Point.

  2. You know what made me sad that I just discovered the other day? In Dire Maul, you can’t access the ogre area through the library anymore. You now have to go all the way around.

  3. Nice to see you;re back Pike 🙂
    I completely agree with # 1; my main is now a dwarf, just to get close to the gnomishness. Still, dwarfs aren’t too bad…

  4. Step on a lego. 😀 Great to find you writing here again, made my day! Hope to find a post about what up like next. As a casual raider I like the fact that I can go as BM AND do nice dps. 🙂
    What I miss is a long epic quest lines, like u had to do to get into Kara.

    Hope to find up blogging into mists. If only so up can blog about pet battles!

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