In Which There Is Much Cane-Waving

Cranky*Pike hobbles out with a cane*

Gather round, whippersnappers, Granny Pike’s got a story… see… I bet you all don’t remember the war! Yes, the Frostwolf-Stormpike war. Hey now, none o’ this crying and “But I learned this in schoooool”. Your teachers probably weren’t there in the trenches like I was!

See, I was a part of this war effort quite often, and the brackets always ended in a good even number. 51-60, 61-70, and then in Wrath of the Lich King, 71-80. That’s tradition, it’s always how it’s been done, dadgumit!

So then I retired from the wars and went off to fight dragons and the like instead. Now now, Granny Pike’s not done tellin’ her Alterac Valley story yet.

Today I decided to go back there: I have a couple of level 60s now, see, and I wanted to see how my beloved Nightfall Horde 51-60 bracket was faring. Not good, unfortunately. I can tell you the reason though, it starts with an “E” and ends with an “verybody rerolled Alliance Death Knights”. But now I’m just ramblin’.

I get into this battle and I’m all ready and rarin’ to go and these grasshoppers all start up with some nonsense about how “The end is near! The patch ruined my AV!” because level 60s are in their bracket. Now I may be old, but I know my AV, so I says to ’em, “What’re you kids flapping your gums about, that’s how it’s always been!” But they didn’t listen to me, or… perhaps they were already halfway to Tower Point because my wheelchair is Not a Very Fast Mount.

Regardless, I decided to leave Alterac Valley for the youngsters and consulted the Internet for an answer. It seems as though at some point between now and when I last played AV in the good ol’ days, they had in fact changed the bracket to a top level of 59, and this latest patch was just now changing it back.

And you know what I say to that? I say GOOD! You don’t go changin’ around a classic with newfangled rules! That’s just wrong!

*at this point Pike is waving her cane around frantically*

Ah, well, I’ll let you young’uns go now. I have a lawn to chase kids off of. Tell ya what, come back tomorrow and I’ll bake cookies. …if I can figure out how, anyway…

*Pike hobbles off, mumbling to herself*

16 thoughts on “In Which There Is Much Cane-Waving”

  1. I remember back when we used to go pull each warlord out… and try to tank them before “zerging” Drek, and when that thar treelord was worth summoning… those epic old days.

  2. Back in my day, I remember the glorious, bloody wars between Tarren Mill and Southshore! You youngsters know nothing of fighting, I tell you! *wheezes and tries to hobble away on her cane, but the cane broke under the weight of a tauren*

    (Pst – if you’re Granny, does that make me Great-Granny?)

  3. Oh, is that what happened? I wondered what people were rambling about. I figured it was just the people new to the leveling via battlegrounds system being confused. I honestly didn’t even notice the change.

  4. Geesh Granny Pike! Sure makes me glad I wasn’t around in the “good old days!”

    Seriously though, I remember AV taking a day and a half to finish…never set foot in it until they changed it. XD Just for the record I started playing after TBC came out. O.o Before the black temple patch…

  5. I remember having to go all the way to Silverpine Grove to be able to get into Warsong Gulch for a measly few hundred honor points and the most longlasting battles. On top of that, you had to wait until re-count to actually get your honor points. Sometimes the actual battle would start outside of Warsong with all the *&$*ing gankers.

    Tarren Mill raids now feel like such a waste of time too, although the Horde doesnt seem to have forgotten and still launch ganking incursions to Southshore.

    The days when the Hunter’s Mark was a proper straight arrow down.

  6. “The titles are coming back with rated battlegrounds!” – KC

    Better not be the exact same titles.

    OC didn’t waste his youth getting weekly rep to get Knight the day he dinged 40, the day before the Nov ’06 Honor Patch, and walk around for three years virtually NEVER changing his title so that some kiddo could get the same in a week…

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