Okay, Really Quickly Here

Please tell me I’m not the only one having really awesome “Milo & Otis” flashbacks:


(Thanks for the pic, MMO-Champion!)

I say we pair it up with the Cornish Rex. Sooo cute x_x (And really, it’s about time we had a proper dog minipet, and not just a mini-worg.)

(Yes, this is a filler post. Yes, I apologize. I’ll try to have something slightly more interesting up shortly!)

13 thoughts on “Okay, Really Quickly Here”

  1. /squee!!

    I worked late last night and missed raid. My guild was in ToGC25 when I got home so I was poking around the net catching up on blogs and whatnot when I came across the vid of this little guy on MMOChampion. My boyfriend got an extremely excited and possibly somewhat unintelligible whisper in the middle of heroic Beasts about the ‘omg cutest pet ever!!’ lol

  2. I rewatched that movie recently, and while the scale of the adventure wasnt as epic as I remember it, the movie was still great and the humor/cuteness still great.

    Not many movies from childhood would pass that test =D

  3. Pugs are still one of my favorite dog breeds because of that movie. I will do whatever it takes to get this pet.

    Also, omgawesomepugsqueeeeeeee!

    Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

  4. YES! I love that movie.

    I figure I’ll have one of my partners team up with me so that when one of us has the pug out, the other has the orange tabby out.

    Maybe the 3rd member of our usual group can have out the white kitten, for Sandra.

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