Our Raid: Kills Bugs Dead

…bad joke is bad? Sorry >.>

I’m Pike: I keyboard-turn, I click (unless I am healing), and I get about 3fps max on 25mans. Didn’t stop this from being awesome, after a good few weeks of attempts:

(the music is all MegaMan 2 remixes. Whaaat?)

I was Beast Mastery in this fight. Since our ret paladin had to leave, Wash’s Ferocious Inspiration contributed 3% bonus damage to all DPS in the raid ^_^

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  1. Aww you didn’t record the cheering in vent once we downed him.

    This video is really cool, it’s fun to watch fights that I was in from a different perspective and playstyle and UI.

  2. My god that music is horrible! I approve. Also, it’s kinda neat seeing this from the perspective of another hunter, and kinda of eerie, we look suspiciously similar from the back…

  3. Do you actually keyboard turn? I thought I was the only player who pretended to be serious about the game who does that! (I use a laptop, don’t have a mouse for it…)

    You obviously can’t jump-shot, can you?

    In any case — congrats.

  4. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only keyboard turner/clicker out there. Maybe there’s hope for me yet? 😉

  5. Get rid of Xperl and some of the many addons you use and your FPS will not be that bad at all. Turn off Xperl and use oUF (www.wowinterface.com and search for oUF) it uses only a fraction of what Xperl uses. Turn off outfitter, carbonite, recount, any bag mods, and any map mods, those are all huge memory hogs and will kill FPS in raids.

  6. It’s never too late to start using keybinds pike, once you get used to it you’ll wonder how you ever managed to play without them 😀

    grats on anubarak btw, as another hunter who raids sub 5fps i sympathize with you (twin valkyr drives me insane at 2fps some nights) but you’ll find it’s still possible to raid at a decent level (and do excellent dps) with less than 60fps (despite what fanatics think).

    On a side note: you should look into 10 man hardmodes, they’re a million times more forgiving on your pc than the 25’s and the loot is still excellent, i’ve noticed that (for some reason) downing 10man anub hardmode has made me a better all round hunter than i was beforehand… im not sure exactly WHY but the fight seems to have a good mix of everything to polish you up a bit.

    The team i run with only got really serious about hardmodes with totc and after downing anub for the second week we went into ulduar and RAPED mimiron hardmode after only a couple of attempts (and thats with a team that included 2 people who didnt know the strat, one of whom had never even seen mimi before).

    tis well worth your time (and the lewt is pimp).

  7. @ Jarnow – Long story made short: I use the mouse to turn when I need to. Kiting, jump-shotting (you can see an example of me using a jump-shot on one of the little bugs at 2:51 in the movie!), PvP, etc. Otherwise, I use the keyboard, cause why not, if you don’t have absolutely have to use the alternative?

    @ Haze – I don’t use any of the addons you mentioned except XPerl and Recount. XPerl isn’t going anywhere because I’ve tried other unit frame addons, and universally disliked them all. In all honestly, I’ve tested the addons, and the only one that makes a small difference when it comes to my framerate is SCT and SCTD, but they’re not going anywhere either because I’m stubborn, and I like them =P (Also, it was acting up during the last phase, which is why I had the biggest framerate issue at that point. It happens. /shrug)

    @ llwynog – Another long-ish story: I actually do use keybinds. Quite a few, actually. Bestial Wrath, Kill Command, Kill Shot, Multishot, Rapid Fire, Hunter’s Mark/Pet Attack, Aspect of the Viper and Dragonhawk, these are all keybound, and you are quite right: I couldn’t live without them (for the most part).

    Really the only things I consistently click are Steady Shot and Arcane. Because I cast them the most frequently and it leaves my fingers free to use my keybinds while continuing to use Steady– for example, I can do Bestial Wrath and Steady Shot at the same time. (Bestial Wrath is not linked to the global cooldown).

    That is just one of the reasons for that though; the other big one is that my hands are very unusually small and I simply can’t have too many keybinds, or I can’t reach them all!

    In closing I suppose I should have clarified better: I do not exclusively keyboard turn and click… not by a long shot. I was sorta being facetious and self-deprecating in my comment that I did, I think. My bad if it caused confusion ;P

    Also, I <3 doing 10man hardmodes with my guild, we do it a lot!

  8. Looooove the music.

    And grats on the achievement. You guys didn’t seem to have much trouble with the little white adds that spawn when he’s burrowed, which is usually the most irritating part about the fight for my guild. Also nice to see another hunter using tranq shot on those guys.

    Too bad most of the loot I saw you check out was cloth 🙁

  9. @ Pike, I can sometimes suffer the same problem, the way around it I found for me was to keybind certain keys to keys I don’t regurlaly use (EG: F, V, ~, ect)
    This allows me to hit them instantly by memory when I need to, and it makes things a big easier to do

  10. You should give Shadowed Unit Frames a try, Pike. They’re very clean-cut and significantly less overhead than XPerl.

    Also, ditch SCT/SCTD in favor of Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text. Better addon, and again, less overhead.

  11. @Rilgon – I tried Shadowed– while I liked it better than most of everything else I’d tried, I dunno, I still went back to XPerl =S

    I really should go to Mik’s, though, I just keep putting it off…

  12. Ooooh, pretty layout and addons~

    I just use 2 that change looks; grid so I can see the raid, and mik’s scrolling combat text, because it compiles random floating numbers into one large one.

    I AM curious, though: What’s the addon that causes a column of text to appear in phase 3?

  13. I have keyboard turned for years 🙂 I do have certain spells hot keyed to my mouse but if A. your fast at it, and B. ppl don’t notice (guildies were shocked when I told em) they eh rock it hard! Belated Grats on the kill <3

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