OldSchool Pike: The Jumpshot Movie

I made this movie waaaay back at level 70, but I just watched it and it still appears to be relevant to us today. So after cleaning up the comment section a bit (the things that pop up on YouTube movies in a year and a half /sigh), I thought I’d share it (again) to those of you who perhaps haven’t seen it. The Jump Shot is a situational hunter move that helps us to kite things or during PvP, and is also a really fun trick to impress people with when you’re on a low-level, pre-pet hunter. It’s always a handy thing to know, I think ^_^

I still sound like a giant dork, but maybe someone will find it helpful nonetheless! =D

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  1. I prefer to Strafe-Kite at low levels, especially prior to Level 6 when you don’t have Arcane Shot, an almost essential Special for Jump Shot Kiting.

    Strafe-Kiting is easy to practice in the Starting areas because there are very few Red Mobs that will Aggro onto you. And when you are engaging the handful of Red Mobs you can always pick off the ones on the edge of the pack and strafe away from their buddies towards the yellow “friendly-if-not-being-shot-at” Mobs.

    Start at maximum range. Hit your Autoshot key or fire off a Serpent Sting (if level 4). Wait for Autoshot to fire then immediately strafe sideways away from the Mob. Run sideways for approx. 1.5 to 2 seconds then stop, spin partway towards the Mob (You are using the Mouse, right? Not the Keyboard?) Wait half a second for Autoshot to fire, resume strafing away from the Mob for another 1.5 to 2 seconds. Stop, rinse, repeat, & Loot.

    Strafe Kiting is a good skill to develop early on because a controlled Mouse-flick turn is crucial to performing the Turn Around Jump Shot.

  2. Aww, I remember watching this for the first time when I was still learning how to play. It wasn’t until I was starting my umphteenth hunter that I really got the hang of it though… <.< But man was I thrilled when I realized that I could KITE at lv8!

  3. I know that blizzard has gone away from this kinda stuff recently but since I work without a mouse, I doubt I can really do this effectively, and if so does that make a a huntard?

  4. What Addon are you using that creates those 3-D Animations where the Portraits are supposed to be?

    Hopefully it is still being supported, because it looks awesome

  5. Well, I don’t think you sound like a giant dork. Maybe a normal sized one though. But that’s fairly inescapable, I mean, we are discussing WoW after all. 😛

    Great guide nonetheless, the jump shot thing is an ability of hunters I’ve always been somewhat envious of!

  6. I’ve always been a strafe kiter myself, practiced it alot on the chain in BRM like Hazek did, run, jump and change aspect as you turn. rinse and repeat.

    @Rawsnook it’s Xperl, it’s still supported and still awesome

  7. It’s been relevant since level 60 when you had to learn how to jump-shoot-kite for your damn Rhok’delar! *shakes cane which is actually Lok’delar*

    DAMN KIDS THESE DAYS! *wheeze*

  8. Every hunter should learn the jump shot. Sure, it’s not that essential most of the time now, but it’s crucial in most PVP fights, and just generally handy the rest of the time. Besides, nothing says mastery (or perhaps…cockiness) as continuing DPS on Heigan during the Safety Dance via jump shots. 😉

  9. I have to agree with Rilgon there. It is fun steady shotting each splash and keeping dps up through the phase. But of course, only when you are sure you will make it and blabla – cockiness, but not sillyness.

  10. jump-shotting on heigan is actually counterproductive because the game doesnt update your position while you are in the air, and so if you would just barely make it out without getting hit, jumping will kill you 🙂
    (also , since you can always walk 90 degrees to heigan, you can just use all your intants while running normally)

  11. *Sigh* Another fine lesson taught, and one that, along with chain trapping seems to be lost on the newer hunter generation. Fine work with the vid Pike, keep ’em coming 🙂

  12. Pike, this is one of the things that I prided my self on while I was leveling my hunter (I’ve stopped, due to wanting to level a hunter on a different realm instead, where my other friends are). It’s pretty useful, and I think has saved my arse quite a few times in a match of WSG. Lene, thanks for pointing out the fact that the game doesn’t update your position when you jump (it’s news to me).

    Also, you do not sound dorky; if anything, you sound rather hot. (oh god now i’m gonna be thought as a perv i bet)

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