Cat Form


But I am usually a tree on my rare occasions when I shapeshift out of hunter form! This is cat form!

Hmm. At least I can Bestial Wrath, right? Might not be so bad… actually might be kind of nice… rawr!

(thanks Krey for the screenshot of your kitty! Give her lotsa Spiced Mammoth Treats.)

6 thoughts on “Cat Form”

  1. Hunters don’t ride their pets. (Maybe NE huntards)

    The pets are a companion of the hunter, an extension of themself. And I like to think that the pets follow the hunter because they choose to do so.

  2. After helping out a person on my F-list with as many hints, tips and tricks for finding the spirit beast….they tamed it! According to them they “named” it after me (my hunter’s name, Zhire) out of ‘Respect’. It was flattering and I’m sure that you Pike were flattered (wierded out? happy?) that there was a pet named after you. 😀

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