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With all the changes to our class lately, I’ve found myself having to stand back and think about what this blog is and what it represents. There are a lot of really good and informative hunter blogs out there and most of them have very different focuses, and it’s really visible with this patch. There are people busily hammering out the next max-DPS spec and there are others sticking to their favorite playstyle. There are Survivalists perhaps a bit baffled that their spec is suddenly the one in the sun. There are people reporting anywhere from DPS losses to DPS gains, depending on their gear and spec and what they do. And there are others who don’t do much PvE stuff and aren’t affected very much. Everyone has a different opinion and it’s really brought out to me how unique all these dozens of hunter blogs are from each other.

What about Aspect of the Hare then? Is this a hunter kindergarten blog, or a Beast Mastery blog, or a “casual”-raiding blog, or what? That’s what I had to ask myself today, sitting here at my computer with a hunter shirt on and a Tauren Hunter figurine beside my desk and my first character standing guard over everything. What about Pike?

I decided that while this blog covers a variety of topics, it is mostly about two things. The first is that it is about teaching new hunters about their class, and also sort of reviewing these things for long-time hunters. This comes in the form of the guides that I post, for example.

Secondly, and more importantly, this blog is about three little words: “Hunters are fun.”

This blog is for anyone who has ever enjoyed the hunter class. It doesn’t matter if you PvP or PvE or fall anywhere along that spectrum. It doesn’t matter if you are decked out in epics and have screenshots of doing over 6000 DPS on a boss fight, or if you have never set foot inside a raid. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore theorycrafter or if you avoid math like the plague. It doesn’t matter what spec you are, and it doesn’t even matter what level you are– if you have ever felt a little thrill at sending your pet in to attack something and proceeding to start some semblance of a shot rotation, this blog is for you.

I just figured I would get that out there; it’s never a bad thing to define a blog’s focus. Rest assured that while there may be some frustrations and nervousness as we– myself included– try to sort out our collective reactions to the latest patch, I, for one, can still log into one of my hunters and still feel that thrill.

And really, that’s what it’s about.

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  1. I read because your blog is entertaining, informative and overly abundant in class pride… BRK and yourself opened up my eyes to BM

  2. That’s a very fine blog focus to have. In a game community that has the tendency to be filled with heavy amounts of whine with that cheese, it’s always fun to read stuff that’s always so positive and full of enthusiasm for your class. I am hoping I can always share the same enthusiasm about my class. 🙂

  3. That was a lovely post! I certainly do enjoy reading your blog.
    My hunter has been my main since day 1, and while I’m not expert i’m no noob either, but I am always open to try new ideas that I find from blogs 🙂

    Thank you for a wonderful blog!

  4. It’s your blog write about whatever hunter stuff you want to. You’re always very informative and entertaining. Unlike me who forgets he has one and never really set any kind of routine for writing on it.

  5. You shouldn’t have to define your blog Pike. It’s YOUR blog, and we will keep reading it because we enjoy it. You could go off and rant about something crazy and we would still read it 🙂

  6. Hi Pike;

    Your clarification of the focus of this blog has ensured that I will be a regular reader!
    Since getting my second Hunter to 80, I’ve thought to my self “Self, let’s try to figure this Hunter stuff out on a deeper level” and so have been doing the internet rounds (WoWHead, BRK, Lienna’s, you, etc) and it’s been very informative and I’ve learned a lot.
    However, I have now realised that nearly the entirety of Hunter blogging, posting, discussion etc is focused on one thing – raiding. Everything is funneled towards the raid with the attitude that if you don’t raid you’re not really playing.
    This bugs me.
    I play WoW with a small guild of real-life friends and there are, at very best, 10 of us but usually our on-line presence is 5-7. So we don’t raid, we don’t like PUGs for anything more than 5mans.
    So we take the content at our own speed with very odd group compositions (only recently did we venture into Kara, doing it with 5-8 of us) and we have a habit of doing Northrend instances as 4 mans with my pet tanking (my healer always heals my pet, it’s wonderful!).

    Anyways, I’m not a raiding Hunter, I play for the fun of it (while trying my best to do well in my class), hang out with friends and really, there’s very little accommodation or acknowledgment of Hunters like myself out there in the internets. I’m probably too casual.

    So Pike, your comments on what your blog is made me very happy. I’ve been only reading you for a few days now but I’m glad to have found your blog and will certainly be glad to be a regular reader.


  7. I like your blog… you write it in a happy way.

    … and a way that doesn’t make me insanely jealous…

    … or sucky.

    /target BRK
    /glare %t

  8. “sending your pet in to attack something and proceeding to start some semblance of a shot rotation, this blog is for you.”

    Oh yes, this is me, really.

    I play with a hunter because my character “Constrictor” is like a alter ego of me, in RL I like pets so much, all of them, not problem if is a snake or a pit bull, I love all, and play as a Hunter in wow come naturally to me, I have 2 pets my female Ghost Saber called “Bastet” I´ve been played with her since level 19, and I have a Bird of Prey called “Luna” is originally “Olm the wise”.

    So, congratz and /cheers to you Pike, your site is the best for Hunters like you and me.

    Thanks to share all these Hunterisms and propagate the “hunter way of play”.

  9. Yay Hunters!
    Seriously, this post is also why I keep coming back. I’ll never raid, I ran Kara TWICE with a PuG and was insanely happy to see it finally, but otherwise, I solo, I quest, and I hang out chatting with guildmates. Maybe someday I’ll even ding 76 on my hunter.

  10. Hi Pike,

    Great post, this is exactly why I keep coming back here. Hunters are fun, and this is one of the few blogs that consistantly remind me of that.
    As others have mentioned all ready; most of the other hunter blogs are raid oriented. focusing on things I will probably never see or experience, and if so only casually.
    Most of the reading I have done since the patch has been negative towards how BM’s are currently performing and what specs will work better. You, on the other hand; have been consistantly writing with more of a positive spin on the patch.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  11. Pike –
    You know I’ve always been a fan. And always will be. Giving thought on what you want YOUR blog to be is only good for your fans and avid readers!!

    And your in know way and Kindergarten class for hunters. You might be a great resource for beginning hunters because of the time and effort you put into your guides, but that is only a SMALL part of everything here.

    Think of the encouragement, information, ideas and most of all positive happiness you bring to the Hunter Community.

    And for that my friend, I am eternally grateful.

  12. Well I’m happy to be in kindergarten class. In kindergarten you get to play with blocks in the sandbox, make crafts with macaroni, glue and sparkles and have regular nap time.

    Suits me just fine!

  13. THANK YOU! This is why I enjoy your blog. You and Petopia are the 2 blogs I enjoy the most, and when it comes right down to it, I play a hunter (well, 3 actually) because it’s fun. Trusts your instincts, and keep on writing!

  14. Really great post as always Pike! Through your wonderful story telling, helpful info, and the enjoyment you always express in playing your class you’ve even inspired me to roll a hunter (level 35 and counting :P) Continue the awesome work 🙂

  15. That’s why this is usually the first blog I read, every day. It’s a fun place to be, and helps me remember why this class is, and will always be, my favorite. ^_^

  16. /cheer
    thanks Pike
    Zalenna and Geki have been my main for a long time and BM the day i got my first talent point
    me and my white lion have been one the day i got him so long ago from one of my long forgotten horde alts

    Thanks for understanding
    From your Lord and Mastery

    p.s. we love you blog

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