You knew the rules and the lifelines…

So I had not just one, but THREE screenshots show up in my Inbox today with my Sitemeter showing as 100,000. I also had several screenshots of 99,999 and 100,001, as well as a couple other close ones.

Now I know the original rules were that the “first” screenshot to show up in my Inbox would be ultimately crowned the winner. However all three were submitted within a few minutes of each other, and I would feel reeeeeally bad turning anyone down, so… all three of you will soon be receiving e-mail instructions on how to go about obtaining your own World of WarCute custom avatar!

To all of you near misses, I wanna thank you very much for participating, and stress that I really wish I could make the avatars for everyone. But each one takes an hour and a half to two hours to make. And while I could spend all my free time making them, it would be at the cost of, ya know, writing the blog. And that should probably come first. Regardless, the interest was high enough and encouraging enough that the “Hey, maybe I can sell ’em for $5 or $10 or something” idea that has been kicking around in my head for months now, might actually be more than a dream. I am, afterall, a “Bachelor of Arts” as of 2007. Guess I should be doing something artsy eh?

Really though, thanks once again to everyone. 100,000 pageviews is quite ridiculous (in a good way), and why you guys visit I have no idea. Thanks all <3

15 thoughts on “You knew the rules and the lifelines…”

  1. That’s pretty nuts how they all got that =o I thought my 100,005 was darned close but nope! xD Good for them!

  2. I’m also very psyched!

    And I can’t wait to see how Rilgon’s wasp will look. I thought about submitting my wasp as the pet for mine, but decided to go with my kitty.

  3. I would absolutely positively buy one for $10 and I would probably buy at least one more for my S.O. too. If you’re worried about such things taking too much of your time, just start a waiting list and put up a disclaimer that you work on these things in between maintaining a blog and various social obligations and that it might take a bit of time to get it done. If you took commissions on these, there would be money to be made, I guarantee it. =P

  4. I agree with Ratshag. The real winner here is Pike, we’re just the lucky ones to have her around (and rarely be offered tantalizing kiribans for special visitor numbers).

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