Gone Fishin'

I was at work today, stationed at my usual spot by all the fish (I work in a pet store), and this kid of, oh, about ten or twelve years old or so and his buddy were walking up and down the area, inspecting all the fish and pointing out all the cool ones. Then the first kid stopped in his tracks, and I saw him staring rather intently at our Red Zebra Cichlids…

After staring at them for a minute or two, the kid turned to his buddy and exclaimed “Look! Look! I found the Golden Darters !!”

6 thoughts on “Gone Fishin'”

  1. Wow. I just giggled aloud. Damned fine story, miss Pike!

    How come I never can seem to find anyone willing to admit that he plays World of Warcraft? The only time I’ve seen or met anyone who openly talked about the game was within my own circle of friends or family. It’s sad!

  2. Oh, that is soo actual… I was at a Birthday Party of one of my friends. At the party there were many many unknown guys for me. Suddenly I stepped next to my brother and an other mate talking. I heard the following…

    “…and where did you play?
    Ragnaros and Bloodscalp. Oh wait, you mean Diablo 2 or WoW?”

    And that was the point I entered into the chatting:) From that point we became best friends… at least part time best friends:)

  3. Very cute 🙂

    I overheard two guys talking about WoW at Starbucks a couple weeks ago. i thought about entering into the conversation, but then I heard the one guy say “I use swords on my rogue, but my swords are really crappy greens.”

    Who wants to talk to some guy with crappy greens? Pssh. I took my grande hot chocolate and made for the door. Bet he was a Nelf, too! hehe 🙂

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