They're Gonna Put Me In the Movies…

…all I gotta do is act naturally!

Yeah, I figured you guys might want to see a little more than just screenshots!

Our little guild’s second ever try on Moroes; the first try doesn’t really count, I think, because somebody got disconnected and the pull was a complete accident. Now I’m no BRK; watching this movie there are a few things I would have liked to have improved on, but overall I think I did a pretty good job that I can be proud of. Me and the other hunter were sort of bouncing traps off of each other during the second half; what you don’t hear in the movie is the two of us on Ventrilo discussing how we’re backing each other up.

About four minutes into the movie is a sort of funny moment as you can see both us hunters trying desperately to get green triangle into one of our traps… he was pretty heavily planted onto the off-tank at that point though.

And yes, the song is indeed “Scatman”. Partially because the other hunter requested that song, partially because it fit perfectly with the length of the movie, and I won’t deny, partially because this song has long been one of my favorite songs to WoW to. It’s overdone, but I like it.


(And I realize the video is pretty small; I may try to see if I can post up a bigger, higher-quality version, if enough people would be interested.)

6 thoughts on “They're Gonna Put Me In the Movies…”

  1. It looks good. What did you use to capture and edit video? I’m guessing a linux only program?

  2. Boozsha – as much as I’d like to say it was, it was actually just plain ol’ FRAPS on Windows. I’ve been experimenting with video capture on Linux for a while now and most Linux programs at this point seem to have trouble recording WoW. I’m sure there’s a way to do it but I didn’t have it figured out by Kara-time.

  3. Cool Pike – I would be interested in seeing the bigger version – if you have time. Good job on the trapping and dpsing – thanks for making the Hunter class look good!

  4. Your fellow hunter must be fairly experienced in Kara carrying that bow around.

    However, you guys do a much different pull then I’m used to seeing. Typically I’ll trap my mob on the left side of the room and Moroes gets tanked on the right side of the room. Typically though with having two shackles I normally don’t have to chain trap much. At most unless dps is bad I normally only have to trap my mob twice. At which point I just put my trap under one of the healers in case a shackle gets missed.

  5. I’d like to see a bigger version of the vid, even if we had to download it, please 🙂

  6. Nice work Pike. Nice to see more Hunters who can chain-trap without being brain dead and end up getting smushed. 🙂

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