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Way back in 1997, a then 13-year-old girl stumbled onto the Internet. She called herself “Pikestaff” after a character she’d invented based on the “Redwall” series of books; a hare with a penchant for causing mayhem.

Over ten years later, Pike still lives…

“Pike” has been the longtime Internet moniker (heck, offline moniker too sometimes) of the author of this blog. She is in her mid late-twenties and she lives in the town where humans and Vulcans will make first contact according to Star Trek lore, and she is very proud of this fact.

Pike likes robots and bunnies and robotic bunnies. She also likes ice cream.

She has a tendency to fangirl obsessively over GNU/Linux, her operating system of choice. In fact, she has a tendency to fangirl over the entire Open Source/Free Software movement and other commie-related things in general. Be warned.

She has been gaming ever since she could wrap her fingers around a joystick and has been writing ever since she could wrap those same fingers around a pencil. As a result, when she is not asleep or working, she is usually either playing games or writing about them. Strategy and tactics games are her favorite genre so feel free to bring up titles like Europa Universalis, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, X-Com, and Master of Orion 2 in the comments and she will gladly nerd out with you for hours.

Oh, and also she wrote a book!

This blog has had a long and convoluted history which began in 2007 and peaked at some point in 2009 or so during which this was– with all modesty aside for a moment– probably one of the most-read WoW blogs on the Internet. I was interviewed by podcasts and WoWInsider and all sorts of fun stuff. Leaving the game, and this blog, was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. But you really can’t fight the urge to come back when it bites you, so here I am!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I link to you?

Will you link to me? Maybe! I tend to notice when an active commenter has a blog and I’ll add them to my blogroll. If you’re an active commenter and I don’t notice, you can always try poking me. I’m friendly!

Would you like to hook up for some advertising/moneymaking? Nope.

Can I guest post for you/will you guest post for me? I don’t usually do either side of the whole guest posts thing, but I guess one should never say never. That said, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

Will you mention my product on your site so I can get some publicity? If it is specifically hunter and/or Linux related, then possibly. No guarantees though. Otherwise, no.

Speaking of Linux, do you really play WoW on Linux
? Often times, yes, via a program called Wine. Sometimes I write about WoW on Linux and you can generally find posts about them marked with the “Linux” tag.

But isn’t playing WoW on Linux with Wine wrong/bad/not allowed/[insert story you heard somewhere here]: I’ve done a lot of research on this and my official answer is “not to my knowledge”. Besides which, to quote the trolls, “If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!”

I saw a “Tawyn” on [insert non-Silver Hand server here], is that you? Nope. I tend to view my characters as all having distinct personalities and so as such I generally do not share character names across servers, though I have made exceptions. Tawyn is not one of those exceptions.

How do you pronounce Tawyn
? Say the two words “Saw Win”. Now blend them together and replace the “S” in Saw with a “T”. And emphasize the first syllable!

What is the cool add-on that makes you and your party’s name plates appear in 3-D? X-Perl Unit Frames.

“For the Horde” or “Glory to the Alliance”? Both! No really, I rather enjoy playing both factions. Alliance if pressed, though I am often more prone to be found Horde-side due to circumstance. By the way, the best races in the game, in order, are: Gnomes, tauren, and goblins. This is fact.

PvE or PvP Server? RP and RP-PvP!

What servers do you play on? I play Alliance on Silver Hand – US and Horde on The Venture Co – US. If I mention in passing that I have a character on another server, rest assured that said character is rarely played and not above level 15. /cough

I love your art! Can you please draw me one of your cute pictures/avatars? Maybe!  Hook up with me on Twitter and/or email and we might be able to work something out.  I do charge for this stuff, though.  I don’t want to, but sadly drawing these pictures takes a lot of time.

I have on occasion had people ask if there was a way they could drop a few dollars in my tip jar to help offset the costs of site maintenance and WoW subscriptions. Although I never want anyone to feel pressured into it, it does help, so here is the donate button if you feel so inclined:

19 Responses to “About & FAQs”
  1. seo blog says:

    This is a really interesting blog post,I have added your blog to my bookmarks I really like it,keep up the good work!

  2. Mythan says:

    Great Blog you got here Pike! I wandered over here from Mania’s Arcania. Going right into my bookmarks. ^_^

  3. Stormy says:

    Yay you’ve got a really interesting blog! *bookmark bookmark where’s my bookmark butttoooon* :D
    Congrats for the nice blog posts, with my own hunter addiction I found them quite useful, keep it up.
    Adding the linux mash-up I’m officially totally hooked. :)

    Greets from a new fan,

  4. […] to tag me as one of the first visitors to his blog back in the old, old, old days.  I think it was Pike over at Aspect of the Hare that started this round of TAG YER IT! and for *once* I’m finally […]

  5. honorshammer says:

    I started out Honorshammer on Dark Iron. Were you Alliance then, and if so what guild were you in on that server?

  6. Pike says:

    @ Honorshammer – I was Horde on Dark Iron and I was only level 14 by the time I quit. >.>

  7. […] more about.Looking for a friendlier sort of advice for your Hunter? Make sure you’re in range of Aspect of the Hare. Pike (aka Pikestaff, aka Tawyn of Silver Hand-US) not only fires off solid advice for Hunters […]

  8. […] more about.Looking for a friendlier sort of advice for your Hunter? Make sure you’re in range of Aspect of the Hare. Pike (aka Pikestaff, aka Tawyn of Silver Hand-US) not only fires off solid advice for Hunters […]

  9. lee says:

    pike, are you a vegetarian?

  10. Pike says:

    @ Lee – I am not, no, though I’m curious why you’d ask!

  11. Sean says:

    Well i’m planning to turn my blog around into a hunter only blog i started playing my hunter again and find the horde and hunter so much fun the only reason i stopped playing it was bescause i had bad experiance after bad experiance in PUG”s i joined a normal server (even though i miss Roleplaying and fully enjoying my orc hunting.

    I’m trying to hunt Down My Spirit beast and name her Lalia (personal reasons why i choosing that name i explain if you want to know but it goes back about 6 years )

  12. […] for a friendlier sort of advice for your Hunter? Make sure you’re in range of Aspect of the Hare. Pike (aka Pikestaff, aka Tawyn of Silver Hand-US) not only fires off solid advice for Hunters […]

  13. Hello Pike,

    Be careful what you wish for….

    Let me know if you are still up for doing an interview for my site. I’d like to have you.

    Please make this message self destruct after reading.

    Thank you,


  14. Accipiter says:

    Great blog! I’m new to the hunter class and loving it. Aspect of the Hare is included in my Hunter Education Reading List.

  15. Karhazn says:

    LOL! at the plug for OOTR.

  16. Ninjor says:

    I was told by a friend that you have a forum for people and noobs (like myself) that use linux and you have instructions on running wine and downloading wow. If anybody could provide me with the link or guide me in the right direction it would help considerably. Thank you.

  17. Pike says:

    @ Ninjor – I do not have a forum, I’m afraid. You can find most of my Linux guides here, however.

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