Varian Wrynn is the 1%

So I was running a panda through Westfall the other day– haven’t done it since the Cataclysm redo– and was very amused to do a quest which involved finding pages from the Communist manifesto and also bits of cloth that are colored solidarity red.  Honestly I’m surprised the drifters from Westfall aren’t busy occupying Stormwind.

The Red Army is the strongest

Honestly I was feeling bad because I just had to interrogate all the homeless people for a quest and all I wanted to do was help them out and be on their side.  It made me wish that they were a faction and that I could hang out and help them rebuild Westfall and we’d do all sorts of neat things like own our own means of production.  But alas, it is not to be.

Oh well.  I put everything on the auction house for dirt cheap, and that sort of counts, right?

One thought on “Varian Wrynn is the 1%”

  1. That actually reminds me a lot of a questline in LOTRO, you have to choose to either help the merchants and wealthy folk of the town by moving on the homeless or you can help the homeless by giving them food/money. OR you could do it on a case by case basis and help the deserving folks while kicking the layabouts around :p

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