Meet My New Friend

That’s Magmadar. Yes, as in that Magmadar.

Solo-tamed him. And yes, I know, he turns into just your average core hound pet once the tame is complete, but there’s something awesome about knowing what he used to be:

A 40-man raid boss.

Can you get much cooler?

…what’s that you say? Taming druids would be cooler?

Way ahead of ya:

Did I mention I’m running Karazhan once a week now? The necklace I’ve wanted from Attumen since Burning Crusade has yet to drop. This and other earth-shattering announcements at eleven.

9 thoughts on “Meet My New Friend”

  1. ::giggling:: love the tree flavored pet 😀 I’d KILL for Chromaggus, but am epic failsauce for having the folks to run for him on my server… then again, we’re three days of sitting in the loud-as-hell lave looking for a flaming turtle…. oy, the things we do for pets 😀

  2. I know the pets unique skins will briefly appear at their original size after you log in/change zone. I wonder if your Magmadar will appear at his original size on spawning or at the size of the trash Core Hounds.

    I got Chromaggus on Sunday, thanks to my patient guild mates and despite my not explaining to the people not on vent what I was about to attempt. I noticed with other hunters’ drakeadons that you can hear it half a zone away. If that comes from “used to be a boss” rather than the skin, you may now have an especially noisy pet.

  3. My corehound isn’t nearly as impressive as Magmadar but it’s still a boss: The Beast from UBRS. That knockback is pesky but if you do it right you can get the tame done before you get hit by one.

  4. Talking of pain, i tamed Terrorpane the turtle from the lava in Hyjal. He does so much damage that i had 11k left of my life after starting with 104k.

    Also tamed Ghostcrawler tonight, and the nerf bat ability causes trouble during the tame and can easily kill you as well.

    If only my guild would help me get Crome 🙁

  5. @ Klinderas – With a level 70+ healer tagging along I can do the whole thing (bar the dragons and Illhoof, whom I haven’t tried). Without heals I get snagged up on Opera. But to be fair, this is with me at level 83-84… I’ve yet to try it at 85.

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