It Starts With a “D” and Ends With an “Ing”

Feels good, man!

Now I need to figure out what to do next!

In other news, I did Vortex Pinnacle. Guess what? I got to TRAP. My only issue is that I’m still sort of trying to figure out Trap Launcher. I seem to I run into weird LOS issues when I least expect it, thus, I fail at it more than I figured I would. You see, I come from the old school of chain trapping and I’m used to, you know, pulling the mob to me. Which I actually had to do a few times when improvising in Vortex Pinnacle today, which sort of made me feel all warm and fuzzy all over. Still, “Figure out Trap Launcher” is at the top of my To Do List.

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  1. Trap Launcher is fun, if you remember these tips…

    1. please do remember to actually hit trap launcher before clicking Freeze Trap. Yes, I need to remember this, so my guild mates tell me.
    2. don’t wait for Trap Launcher duration and buff to finish before hitting Freeze Trap. Again, from bitter/hilarious experience.
    3. use Camoflage to get closer and in LOS, but remember that the other mobs will beeline right for you regardless of camo when you do the trap
    4. just because you can Trap Launch right under their feet before the pull you don’t have to. You can still plant it in their likely path for when the tank pulls. Your next trap will be available sooner this way.
    5. make sure the tank and other CCs know to wait for your trap launch before pulling, hexing, sheeping. Saps first though of course.
    6. keep an eye out for casters during the fight for an opportunistic trapping
    7. camo and trap launch eat focus, so wait a few seconds to regen before launching your trap
    8. blue square is trap, not moon dammit. Despite everything that bear tank from US-Mt.Hyjal says.
    9. feel free to launch a trap under the feet of your heals during combat if there’s a beserking mob in the pull.
    10. before you launch your freeze trap, go ahead and drop a snake and fire trap where you’re standing
    11. don’t feel like running back to the tank after camo-launching and getting aggro on the rest of the pack? Disengage-jump FTW. Bonus coolness if you’ve already targeted {skull} before the trap launch and you fire off an arcane in mid-flight 🙂
    12. Curse that GCD between hitting TL and FT.

    I don’t remember to do even half of these things. On occasion I’ll even sneak approach the pack, forgetting to hit camo first.

    Oh, in Grim Batol, those casters tormenting the Gronns? launch the FT a few feet in front of where they “appear” to be standing.

  2. WEWT!! I would suggest doing ALL the quests you might have missed- great for rep, cash, and funsies. You might also might wanna level up an alt some before attempting Grim batol; Halls of origination is ok with an ok group- but certainly a rather large timesink. Don’t try to rush into the max level instances or heroics after that- take your time, have fun and get good at the newer stuff now and it won’t be so bad later.

  3. DungeonING? Dang, I was wrong. Still, yay on 85! Figuring out which pets flunked out of Stealth 101 is way more fun than it should be. Magmadar was one of them 😉

    I for one love Trap Launcher in dungeons! You get an excuse to use Camouflage, and initiate the pull yourself without being scolded! What makes it really fun is when you’re a Survivalist.

  4. Camouflage + Trap launcher = Best pull in the game.

    No need to LoS pull, because they can’t use ranged attacks on you while camo, and you stay in camo after hitting the mobs witha trap. Makes your tank super happy 😀

    I do miss the regular old chain trapping though…

  5. I’ve seen several old-school Hunters (that is, those who played in BC and vanilla, like us) complain about the “easy” and “watered-down” art of trapping with Trap Launcher, and I made several observations.

    Back then in the old days, the tanks used to charge the mobs and start off with a singular threat (except with the Paladins), which makes it fairly easy to pull a mob into our trap.

    Those days, however, the tanks would pull the mobs towards us, and start off with an AoE threat, which is why it’s so much easier to use Trap Launcher instead of having to worry about peeling a mob off the tank (which is difficult even with Distracting Shot!) and then worrying about the tank breaking it (because the fight is so close).

    Ultimately, I narrowed trapping to only one basic thing that have remained the same: the trapped mob ought be away from the fight. That hasn’t changed. 😀

    (I just love how the trap now outlasts the cooldown. I used to be able to bust out up to six traps in a row as a Marksman hunter in BC – I never got the chance to, though, because the other mobs were usually dead by then – and now? We can trap infinitely.)

    Could you tell that I’m excited about this? ‘Cuz I am.

  6. Well done on lvl 85 🙂 Isn’t it great to be ASKED to CC again ? The biggest issue I see is that many new tanks (and others) don’t understand that the trap has to ‘spring’ before it does anything and that AOE damage breaks it.

    I find that if I can get a good clear look at the pack of mobs I’ll use the launcher….if they are pathing I tell the tank what I’m doing and then do it “old school” because it’s embarrasing when I miss and land the trap where the mob “was” 😀

  7. If you start running random dungeons, and if your server happens to be similar to mine; you may run into “squishy tank syndrome”. I find that 25% – 30% of the time the tank goes down at least once. I evaluate the first couple of pulls and if I think the tank has “sts” then I switch to BM spec and get Harry my turtle out. When the tank goes down, I hit growl, Beastial Wrath, taunt etc. and have manged to “save the PUG’s bacon” quite a few times. Turtle tank FTW 😀

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