As usual I have the best readers. I mention offhandedly in a post that I can’t afford Cataclysm and the next thing I know I have enough money to cover it a few times over. So at this point, not only can I snag Cata and some WoW cards, but I can buy WoW time for my younger siblings, too, as their Christmas present. Awesome! <3

So the world went kablooey the other day, as I'm sure we're all aware. I haven't had much of a chance to survey all the damage yet but I did run around and snag a bunch of new pets in an effort to stave off my gnawing desire to roll and level a gnome priest as my way to see the world (I want to give it a few days until the starting areas are a little less congested).

But hey, Fox Mulder is already level 80!

Now taking suggestions on what I should tame for a Scully.

22 Responses to “I Want to Believe”
  1. Jaedia says:


  2. Pike says:

    @ Jaedia – I got the pick-axe monkey too. I think I’m going to name it Cornelius.

  3. DarthRegis says:

    Your monkey should be named Dr. Zaius. Just sayin’.

    As for Scully – Basilisk. I have absolutely no justification for this, at all.

    Mind you, this reminds me that I should be checking to see if my Scarlet Hyena from SM actually turned into a Mastiff. :P

  4. Kareth says:

    Scully needs to be a crab *nodnod* One of the red ones.

  5. elfennau says:

    I am SO in love with the foxes. As for Scully…a dog, of course. She’s so much more domesticated i.e. obeys the rules, doing what the government wants of her) than Mulder and all.

  6. Tamaren says:

    I didnt get to see the end f the world, mostly because I don’t have the money, and my game subscription ended yesterday at noon. i soo wanted the green cat.

  7. maebius says:

    Hmm, now silly me for reading in an RSS and never noticing the actual pay-pal button. -5 for Reading/layout comprehension. d’oh!
    Anyway, glad to hear you are able to play Cata. Isn’t being ‘famous’ awesome?

  8. The Giant says:

    If you want both Skully and Mulder out at the same time, there’s a vendor in the Dalaran Sewers that’s selling a floating skull.

  9. Guntitan says:

    Pike tame a mastiff for scullly.

  10. Guntitan says:

    We love you that’s why your readers rock. When you regularly blogged I would check it daily to find or learn something new from you.

  11. Elsi says:

    You should have a seagull named Scully

  12. Wren says:

    One of the undead beasties with its skull showing?

  13. Dobmeister says:

    Some kind of pet falling under the dog family, maybe wolf, maybe less so hyena. I’m thinking Fox and the Hound here, but I guess that requires more a combo of Todd & Copper

  14. Wulf says:

    Yay foxes are out!! I’ve been a way due to the holidays and spending time with family. Family >> Wow.

    Love the name of your fox. :3 I plan to tame a monkey and name him Shock.

  15. franrock says:

    what is the name of this game?

  16. franrock says:


  17. franrock says:


  18. Tom says:

    Scully? Whatever the smartest of the tameable animals are.

    Hmm, can we tame dolphins yet…

  19. Tom says:

    Oh, and I still haven’t decided which color wolf I want to tame yet. There are RP issues, the fact that all my toons are belfs with Roman names, that my hunter is based on my Guild Wars ranger and the pet she had…I’M CONFUSED!

    Not rly. White fox when we get around to it. /nod

  20. Tom says:

    Er, fox, not wolf. /cough

  21. Chaoswolf says:

    You could tame an Undead Eagle for Scully, and yep, the eagle’s head is a skull.
    Also works if your British, bird is slang for woman. =D

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