So I did a heroic on my hunter.

Oh hey look, my AoE DPS sucks. Just like Burning Crusade.

But I do pretty good on bosses. Just like Burning Crusade.

I actually have to wait for the tank to get aggro. Just like Burning Crusade.

…we’re wiping. Just like Burning Crusade.

This heroic is taking forever. Just like Burning Crusade.

…okay, you know what, I liked Burning Crusade and all, but when I did a heroic in BC it meant the following:

a.) Waiting for people/guildies I trusted to all be on at the same time (was a rare occurance, considering our respective schedules– so heroics didn’t happen every day)
b.) Getting on Ventrilo
c.) Generally setting aside at least an hour for the whole thing.

And now I’m trying to PuG this via the Random Dungeon Finder.

10 thoughts on “So I did a heroic on my hunter.”

  1. Okay, I’m right there with you on the AoE and the boss dps, but beyond that the heroics I’ve done (all have been through the group finder) have been as fast and efficient as they were before. If anything the boss fights have been shorter.

    Now as far as sign of things to come in Cata. 5-mans, well I think you may be onto something there.

  2. Darkbrew pretty much took the words right out of my mouth, lol. For all the predictions of doom and gloom coming from the beta testers about tanking and healing becoming an exercise in futility, I ran heroic Halls of Reflection tuesday night, then again yesterday, and it simply hasn’t been a problem. Yes, we miss volley, and hunter dps is down a bit, but I haven’t yet experienced any more pulling off tanks than before, and heals are keeping up nicely. Those 2 runs went beautifully, and anything other than HoR remains a joke.

    And ICC 10 went off without a hitch last night.

    Like Dark said, Cata dungeons loom as something entirely different, but for the moment, my experiences have been the opposite of what I’ve been reading. And my tank and healy friends tell me that yes, things are different and a bit more difficult, but ultimately they’re fine with it in the main (holy priests especially. In fact, the two I know well think they’re OP atm =).

    People will get used to our new ant overlords the more they play under them. Chin up, etc.

  3. I hear you. By the time I got Hunter’s Mark, Rapid Fire, Bestial Wrath and Serpent Sting up, the mob was dead. I don’t even have a decent AoE anymore.

    I wants my Volley back.

  4. ^^ What Tirri said, though honestly, I don’t mind the reduced AoE capability that much. But yeah, I’m MM atm, and running into the same thing. It takes a little while for your dps to ramp up under the new rules, so in anything but HoR or raids, your dps seems lower than it rly is, b/c everything’s dying at record pace. Well, c’est la vie, as long as the dungeon gets done successfully.

  5. Miss AoE because did such awesome dps, but standing around while I let arrows fall from the sky is not very huntery. Done a few randoms and they are about as good or bad as before patch.
    The real reason for writing today is because I just want to say thank you for a friendly and homely site. Comforting to reas especially after reading too many guides on how to play/specc etc, after the patch. It’s like u forget to play because it’s fun, and instead it becomes like work, or studying. I guess that’s why u have alts… 🙂 But now all my alts are 80, and I don’t want start a new char. with expansion so close.. Tired of the same old quests anyway. So how do u play a level 80 like it’s a level 10? How do u put the spring back in Springfield? =)

  6. Brag: start a new toon anyway, just not another srs alt. Just one for fun. I’ve got 2 hunters going atm, 1 belf, 1 nelf, who I created for the express purpose of doing the belf and nelf lowbie zones one more time before Deathwing finally says hello. Eversong and ghostlands I just love; Tel and Darkshore…well, I rly like the way they look! =) Yeah, the quests are still annoying in baby nelf land, but I love the look and atmosphere of Darkshore. I don’t have much time to play them, but it’s been tons of fun doing them. So, have a favorite lowbie area? Roll a new toon just to do it one more time, for posterity. =)

  7. First impressions are, well, first. My resto drood is redonkulously overhealing in Wrath heroics on this patch. My PUGs are redonkulously overpowering wrath content.

    Why? We DON’T have Cata’s heroics. Or level 85. I know my healing will change once Cata drops, I’ll need that mana regen and watch my heals closer than in Wrath. I know my PUGs aren’t gonna cakewalk Cata Heroics (or I hope they don’t anyway). My real question is . . . will I choose leveling a worgen over raiding? Can I balance both with my precious few casual hours online?

  8. I’ve got 3 characters in WoW, and can fill any role more than adequately for the purpose of a heroic with them. Mindlessly facerolling my way through heroics is not interesting past the first couple runs. Beyond that, it becomes nothing more than a pointless grind with little to no risk requiring zero skill

    TBC heroics were exactly that; heroics. They were not the loot/badge pinata that Wrath has given us, and IMO that is a travesty. For the folks who want that, I recommend you find easier content. If you want a challenge, then be prepared for all that entails. There’s a quote from GC stating that the design is moving away from Wrath’s delivery to the lowest common denominator, and I heartily applaud that with regard to heroics and to a lesser extent raids.

    So with that said, I feel the perfect compromise is a modified version of the ICC buff. For those who can’t get it done in heroics, offer them a buff that becomes available as time passes. Allow them to select the % of the buff, similar to how Wrath added 5% per week, but on a sliding scale with greater levels unlocked each week. Then you make raid content accessible, everyone can still see all the 5 mans(even if they can’t complete them on heroic). Win-Win.

  9. After getting used to focus regen and rotations I’m finally back at the top of the Recount charts in Heroics, and what’s fun is that ~50% of my dps is no longer one spell: Volley. However the thing that really seems to gimp any dps potential except maybe on the ICC 5man fights (cos of their large health pool) is the fact that both mobs and bosses just die so quickly!

    So I’ve decided to reserve my judgement on all this until we start to do lvl85 heroics and we can maybe get off more than 5 shots before stuff dies lol 🙂

    Stay in there Pike, you’ve prolly just had a few bad runs. 🙂

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