…not that Joust. It was a really good game though. I miss my Commodore 64.

Nah, I went ahead and made a how-to movie about jousting since a lot of commenters seem to have questions on it or problems with it!

Now I have to admit, I’ve had the idea to make a movie cooking in my brain for a little while now, but I’ve seen at least three or four other “How to Joust” posts complete with movies floating around the WoWosphere already, so I figured I didn’t want to overload it. But then I thought… what the heck. So here you go. Jousting, Pike-style, complete with commentary! (Turn YouTube annotations on if you can’t see them.)

By the way, the song is amazing.

As always, lemme know if you have questions/comments/issues/etc., and click on through to YouTube if you want to watch the High Quality version~ (it’s in WoWoscope Widescreen!)

20 Responses to “Pikestaff Productions Presents: JOUST! The Motion Picture Event”
  1. Xonate says:

    Okay, I haven’t done these dailies in ages, as I really despise jousting. However… I suddenly have the urge to go out and do them. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!?

  2. Kimberly says:

    That’s totally my strategy too! The WoW training doesn’t do much good, IMHO, as they teach you to throw the shield breaker before charging, and in reality, there isn’t enough time to do it in that order.

  3. RFairney says:

    You can fit in a melee strike as you charge through the enemy too, but that is indeed my strategy too :>
    also <3 the music

  4. Pike says:

    @ Xonate – I think it is the music. *nod*

  5. krizzlybear says:

    Chocobo song? Pretty neat. The bubble bobble theme would have worked well here, if by any chance you had a cool remix of it.

  6. Albyll says:

    Start behind the opponent? Brilliant! Otherwise, I use exactly the same strategy. Right down to the little backup move when they start to move away in order to get the charge in quicker.

    I don’t know if it makes much difference, but I find that when I’m working on the Boneguard Commanders, if I back up while attacking them, the footman seem to die pretty quickly.

  7. Xonate says:


    Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what it is. Saph and I were talking on vent about how catchy it is. ^^

  8. Minos says:

    I add one more step to this strategy. In between charges, strafe and turn slightly to get a Shield Breaker off to get their defenses all the way down. That way you’re meleeing them for about 10 times as much. Makes up for the time you lose doing the Shield Break, and then some.

  9. Llyrra says:

    omg! I saw the shot of Joust and squealed! I LOVED that game! Then I realized that you’re really talking about WoW jousting…..sigh

    I’m going back to bed.

  10. Llyrra says:

    ok. I have to admit it. That was the most fun jousting I’ve seen. lol. Thx Pike!

  11. Semseye says:

    I also use the same tatics but when I charge I also use the attack (spell 1) to do that little extra damage. When they have no shields you find it helps alot.

  12. Chris says:

    What, no Chillmaw solo? You’re right there!

  13. Pike says:

    @Albyll – what’s funny is until you mentioned the “backing up” thing, I had no idea I did it. Guess it’s some sort of subconscious thing?

    @ Chris – I’ve actually never been able to successfully solo Chillmaw. >.> I get him down to 30 or 40% and then bad stuff happens.

  14. Klinderas says:

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I find your method… slow.

    If you’re good about it, you can run circles around your opponent. If you’re really good about it, you can run circles and charge the buggers more often than you would think.

    Lastly, shield breaker can be thrown just outside of melee range. By moving around constantly in circles the way I do it, I can frequently shield breaker and then thrust them within a very small time frame.

    The better you are with PvP movement and kiting, the easier these dailies become.

  15. Pike says:

    @ Klinderas – I suppose the thing was, I wasn’t trying to show the best or most efficient method of how to do it… I was just trying to a show a way that was relatively easy for people who are still struggling with it! *nods*

  16. Klinderas says:

    Well, in that case you’ve succeeded! Your method works flawlessly, so m bad on that part.

    What I am saying is for people to eventually expand on your method and learn to be aggressive too! It really helps in the 5 man from what I would guess…

  17. Ceipe says:

    Nice one, I actually use a little tweak here and there, like strafing away after getting in melee range for a shield breaker, but a nice strat for everyone trying to learn how to joust.

  18. BLackDragon says:

    Dear Pike,

    Do you really want to know how I feel about certain aspects of jousting? Please visit

    I swear I’m reporting the NPC for violation of fun! >:(

    – Aenur of Hydraxis

  19. Troutwort says:

    This is a great video!

  20. JaiPai says:

    The fastest method to jousting… bring a dps friend.
    Rule 1: if you are jousting, your job is ensure the enemy’s shields are down
    rule 2: if you are dpsing…(ranged works best), dps, dps, dps

    Takes about 10 secs or less to win each joust.

    When you are finished, your friend jumps on a mount and you dps.

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