Pike's Avatar Commissions Are Now Open!

Details are available at my Art Commissions page. Bear with me if I messed up somewhere or am not doing this right, I’m very new at this!

I would like to point out that for the time being I am only doing avatars, I haven’t opened up bigger “art project” and non-avatar commissions yet. The reason for this– and perhaps I am being optimistic, but hey– is that I am sort of predicting getting a lot of avatar commissions upfront and I don’t want to overwhelm myself too quickly by opening up vacancies for bigger pieces of art as well. Rest assured that I will be doing that in the future, and I will announce when I am.

It is my hope that by doing art commissions I will be able to continue to provide lots of blogstuff for you guys to read without having to go find another job. And to those of you who have already donated purely out of altruism– thank you!! <3 I can't express my gratitude enough. Have a great weekend! P.S. If you are already in e-mail discussion with me about an art piece or I otherwise owe you one, it is still in the works. >.>

7 thoughts on “Pike's Avatar Commissions Are Now Open!”

  1. Good Luck on the art work thing. Making coin while doing something you enjoy is always a plus.

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