Make a Title, Any Title

The Twitterati and I had a brief discussion about titles that weren’t in the game, but that we’d love to have regardless. Klinderas was fond of “Klinderas the Black” and Rilgon likes the ring of “Grand Master Engineer Rilgon”.

What about Pike?


Tawyn of the Violet Eye.

Now if this were a real title, say, one you got at Exalted, I’ve no doubt a lot of raider types would shun this one due to the “CPT. KRZHN” stigma. It would be akin to running around with “Conqueror of Deadmines”* as your title or something. I say, screw that. If I had “Hand of A’dal” and could choose between that and “Of the Violet Eye”, I’d choose “Of the Violet Freakin’ Eye“. My rabid fangirly love of everything involving Medivh, Karazhan, and their lore wants to be sated. It wants it badly. Please Blizz? Like, at least a tabard? /plead

My other title would be Hunter Trainer. C’mon, that’d be awesome. Admit it.

Grand Master Alchemist wouldn’t be that bad either, really.

What about you guys? What title does your character want? (Feel free to answer either in a comment, or your own blog post =D)

* FYI, I would totally run around with that one too.

57 thoughts on “Make a Title, Any Title”

  1. lol wtf happened to my post hehe the titles was wolfmaster for wolfhunter
    and unholy for wolfydeathk lol

  2. I have and will always say, the achievement The Safety Dance should give the title “Kitari, Lord of the Dance.”

  3. Death Knight: Zulfon the Redeemed

    Warlock: Impure King Queklain (it only makes sense if you know the source material, I s’pose)

    Shaman: Spiritwaker Galehorn

    I’m not entirely sure what I’d pick for my druid, priest or hunter.

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