If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em


And it came to pass that Pike was no longer allowed to cry about druids flying all over the place and grabbing herbs while she had to keep dismounting and remounting. Because now, she can finally join in the fun. Bwahaha.

Yes, my druid is now level 68. It officially makes her “Northrend level”, which is sort of intimidating, because Tawyn and Lunapike were both 70 when they headed in. And all dressed up in level 70 blues/purples. Oh, and they were both hunters, aka Solo Class Extraordinaire. Now I maintain that leveling a resto druid is easier than a lot of people say (HoTs + Bear Form anyone?) but it is slower and despite the heals, there are fewer tricks in your bag for getting out of sticky situations. Fortunately, seeing as according to my achievements I did a grand total of 25 non-instance-related quests in Outlands (an average of 2.5 quests per level… yes, that is really all I did), it means that in Northrend I might be able to get away with doing basically what I did in Outlands: instances, instances, instances, aaaaaand instances, and maybe a random Kara run if I get lucky (OHMAHGAH I WOULD LOVE THAT, you guys don’t even know). But yeah, especially since I have some friends and guildies who have characters sitting around at level 70 or thereabouts and would love some heals… instances are in the cards, I think!

So yeah, that post wasn’t hunter related. Sowwy. =( I have some Hunter Kindergarten stuff in the works. No, really!

12 thoughts on “If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em”

  1. Hehe, grats. Free flying (well, 19g) at 68 is totally OP.

    First thing I did at 68 was go to Borean Tundra, finish the first quest and got the feral staff. XD

  2. lol gratz on the flying form 😛 And I leveled through Outlands pretty much the same way as you lol “LFG RAMPS, BF, SP, UB, MT, AC!!!” 😛

  3. Congrats on 68! Northrend is amazing EXP between 68 and 70. I did that in a few hours on my Shaman. Then again, I’ve actually found Enhancement easier to level in some ways than I did my Hunter (Group quest? I get three pets that can taunt. >:P)

  4. /jealous

    You wouldn’t think that mounting/dismounting would be such a pain…

    And here’s hoping you get lots of instance runs in!

  5. Congrats.

    I went to Northrend at 68 and I did notice some of the quests I was really pushing myself (Warrior). 70 was attainable in a matter of hours, however. As long as you’re not totally reckless though, it’s vary doable.

    If you’re going to instances, I’d recommend at least trying to level a bit outside of it. Even with my friends having me play DPS, I was amazed at how fragile I seemed. And as Prot and in plate armor, that’s definitely not good.

  6. Outstanding, gratz! And your timing is perfect because my goal is to ding my Druid to 68 this weekend (just dinged 67 last night, so very attainable). My purpose is to let her specialize her alchemy, which only becomes available at 68 even though she’s already maxed at 450 skill level. I hadn’t even considered the fact she can become a birdie so early in her career. Thx!

  7. Gratz! Fight Form is most definately my fav part of the Druid class.

    Much better to be the swooper than the swoopie.

    I can’t wait for dual specs. Kitty=three shotting mobs.

  8. Grats!! I’ve been on my warrior lately, he just got to Northrend and is 70 already. I noticed from 68-70 he was pretty squishy, but just doing a few quests at 70 I can see a difference already.

  9. Gratz on the ding ! Strange how people who love hunters play druids and vice versa…

    I’m levelling a resto druid too ! Dinged 60 this week end. Can’t tell you the number of wisps I got … “Are you a healer ?” “Are you interrested in a dongeon ?” This never happened while levelling my hunter… 😀
    Don’t worry, I’m sure you will find a nice group to run Karazhan !

    And for levelling, I’m dual-levelling with my boyfriend, a prot warrior. It’s absolutely OP… XD

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