So, yesterday was full of surprises. Let’s see here, we’ve got…

…Death Knights which wound up being about ten times more fun than I was expecting. The whole opening quest line thingy was superbly done and perhaps more importantly, I am absolutely in love with my character ideas for my Death Knight. And as you long-time readers know, even though I am not a particularly active roleplayer, I looooove making characters and stories for them and more often than not, it is backstory more than any other factor that determines which characters I wind up actively playing… this is especially true for non-hunters cause it’s so hard for me to get into them otherwise.

Why yes, I did make a gnome. I like gnomes. And c’mon…

…stealing a pony is adorable.

Next up: Queue Times.

Queue Times are a strange phenomena that I have not had to deal with before. But it appears that with the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, old-time players are returning to the game in droves. It seems to be especially affecting older servers and, well, Silver Hand is a launch-date server (one of only two RP servers on launch day, according to WoWWiki!) I myself got lucky and never had to wait in line more than a few minutes, but there were reports in Trade Chat and among some of my friends and guildmates that the line was as high as 400 people and an hour’s wait at some points.

Fortunately for me, there is always The Venture Co. where all my hordies are at, if the wait gets too unbearable– VeCo is a low-pop server so it’s nice to see it actually bumped up to Medium now =P

As for my hunters, well, Tawyn trained all of the next levels of her professions (byebye gold!) and did some questing in Howling Fjord but by this time the place was swamped and I got sleepy really early (I blame the previous night’s Midnight Release), so I just called it an early night. I do plan on doing a lot more stuff with her and hopefully Lunapike today. Really, I am in no rush to hit 80. I know a lot of people are runnin’ their way to Naxx and I can definitely understand that, but I am content with going a little slower, seeing all the sights and messing around with multiple characters and not just one.

Plus, come on. Hellfire Peninsula is a “WTB Healer” fest right now, and I have a level 57 resto druid. You don’t expect me to ignore that clarion call completely, do ya? =P

13 thoughts on “Unexpected”

  1. Queue times are ridiculous on Argent Dawn. I logged out for dinner last night (stupid me) at around 7 pm. When i tried to get back in at 8 pm the queue was 847 people! Ended up taking an hour and a half. My friends game crashed and the wait was 900+ people and 2 hours to get in!

    Of course I know Argent Dawn is a high pop server, but I’ve still never had to wait more than 20 min before. If this keeps up, I may just try to play on the off hours or try and keep myself logged in for multiple hours at a time 🙂

    Kantaro, Argent Dawn

  2. I didn’t expect the Death Knight to be nearly as much fun as it is, either. I started one “just for the starter area,” I told myself.

    But it’s SO MUCH FUN!

  3. Indeed Khol, it didn’t occur to me to take that screenshot until right at the end of the waiting period =P I certainly saw (and heard of) much larger queue times…

  4. Yeah, I have not even tried to log onto Blackhand; it had queue times before the expansion. My friends over there say queue times are about an hour when they get lucky. So glad my mains are on VeCo.

    I think I am going to take the approach you are taking as far as leveling. I felt like I had to rush and catch up, but now everyone’s at the same place again, a plenty of people will be taking their time leveling, so it’ll be fun to crawl up to 80 and enjoy the content and stuff.

    @Faulsey: Now I wish I’d made my death knight a tauren just to try that.

  5. Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with a queue yet in Eredar. I think it’s probably the worst for the largest servers that are the centers of activity. Servers that are well-known for something.

  6. I had a queue of 860 something on Kel’thuzad at about 6:00pm server time. Took me over an hour to get in …I swear those last 10 spots move so sloooooooooooow.

    Tonight I’ll have the Mrs. Mage log in before I get home.

  7. I finished the Death Knight area and wow…such an amazing storyline. I want to make one on a RP server, just so I can roleplay as a Knight of the Ebon Hand.

  8. I thought things were going to be good when Blizzard included Lore during the Install of Lich King. It was an excellent idea. The absolute beginning of the DK was also wonderful and just started things off with so much flavor. Unexpected is right.

  9. Dath’Remar queue of 1500 last night. Took over 90mins to get in…


    And once in, having to contend with 4500ms latency as well as the new northern ‘Barrens Chat’.

    /rolls eyes

    Hope it gets better soon!

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