You broke my Karazhan!

That’s me. In a raid group with one other person so I could run into Karazhan for two minutes.

And that’s… that’s another raid group in the same instance with me.

After a lot of confusion and pondering over whether we actually could 11-man Karazhan, the one final member of the other raid group realized he couldn’t get into the instance because the “raid was full”. Ah, so that was it. Ten people with the same Raid ID can all get into the same copy of Kara, regardless of groups. That’s how it seems, anyway, because I’d earlier been called in to help on Curator with two of these people a couple days ago… so I was, in fact, sharing a Raid ID.

Still, I can tell you right now, after months of playing this game, it is downright surreal to be in an instance all by yourself and suddenly run into a bunch of other players.

7 thoughts on “You broke my Karazhan!”

  1. One would think someone in the group would’ve told ya they were in there. Though I guess my question is which part of the kara quests were you trying to do that took you to Shade’s room or were you just using it to port up quickly?

  2. I don’t recognize ANY of those people…why are they in my guild’s kara run?

    And since when is there an Entelechytalk channel?

  3. Since our guild downed shade for the first time last night, it seems pretty sound that she popped up there to see what it looks like without him.

  4. you know that mechanic could be used to play some intresting hid & go seek after a full clear…..

  5. Yeah, I remember this. Back in “the old days” (I’m talking MC was the only raid other than Ony), there were guilds that actively stole people’s raid IDs. I also remember people “borrowing” raid IDs for Temple of Ahn’Qiraj to smith their Blessed Qiraji Armaments at the room past the Twin Emperors.

    My guild never let people use our ID, though. *end ego stroking*

  6. And Pike, you silly, silly girl, what are those potions doing loose like that? Don’t you know that potions are far more potent when compacted and tipped with a fel iron needle? >:D

    Harass an engineer (well, be NICE to the engineer – we have explosives, you know) and get those made into injectors! 😮

  7. OK, Question very off topic of the Kara bug..

    What are you using for addons? I see FuBar, but what else you got going there..I am trying to find a nice clean UI now that I am going to be raiding more…

    Feel free to email me at

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