Tawyn, Hunter #1, has been making the rounds on and off for years and nothing.

Lunapike, Hunter #2, has been making the rounds on and off for years and nothing.

But today I was doing panda quests on Tawyn and I thought “Huh, Hunter #3 is my cat collector. I should send him up to Sholazar and see what happens.”

And so it came to pass that Althalor, Hunter #3, snagged Loque on his very first tiptoe into Sholazar Basin. Lucky SOB.

Congrats, belf boy. You’ve come a long way from posing with the Rake on Cracked.com.

6 Responses to “Well That Only Took Four Years”
  1. *nudges Loque’nahak’s Pelt of the Marksman under a workbench* Grats! >_>

  2. Erik says:


    I also hunted for years (off and on), and a few months ago I went on an intense hunting spree and finally got him! Soooo pretty! And deadly! :)

    Why is it that as soon as I hit 90 (or whatever the toplvl is) I stop playing with said character and start with another? There is heaps to do at 90 atm, but it stops being interesting for some reason. Guild is getting ready to start raiding and still I’m not interested. Thoughts on this? A guild member said it’s human nature… Hmmm, humans strange.. Orc smash! ;)

  3. Gybs says:

    Does it have a name yet? Nothing irks me more than hunter pets with no name. :(

  4. Pike says:

    @ Gybs – But of course! Named him immediately after taking the screenshot.

  5. mcc394 says:

    Took me a couple years myself. grats on finally snagging him. Skoll is still hiding from me. I will get him. Oh yes, I will!

  6. Ardprest says:

    So now I feel guilty about leaving my Hunter sitting on the shelf for so long. Time to go out and tame me some new stuff methinks!

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