Some thoughts on Mists of Pandaria!

Before I go into this I need to caveat this by saying that I quit raiding halfway through WotLK so this is coming purely from a “casual” perspective. I know that there are some kerfuffles going on regarding raiding but I have no personal experience with that so I can’t comment on it.

That said, Mists of Pandaria is fantastic so far. I really don’t have enough praise for it. I love the pandas. I love the quests. I love that I can group with people on other servers. I really love the zones. Every single zone so far is better than every one of the Cata zones (with the exception of Uldum but Uldum was just god-tier in every way so it sort of doesn’t count.)

Blizz has made a lot of really great quality of life changes and I appreciate them. I’m still waiting for a “toybox” or something to hold all of the toys we’re getting in panda quests because my bags could really use a break, but BEYOND THAT I love everything.

MoP has really revitalized the game for me. Cata was just… I don’t know. I wanted so much to like it. I appreciate all the immense amount of work Blizzard put into revamping 1-60, I really do. But something about it just didn’t click for me. Uldum, and to a lesser extent Vas’jir, were the only two new zones that I liked, and the others were thoroughly forgettable. Similarly I only really liked two of the new dungeons while the others just… urgh. Anyways, that’s why I hardly played at all during that expac.

But now here we are and I’m having a blast and Mr. Pike and I are talking about doing Loremaster because we’re just having that much fun!

Also, apparently a male blood elf hunter is my main now. I know, I know. But Mr. Pike rolled a female blood elf mage and grouping them up together is ridiculously adorable. Fun fact: this blood elf of mine has been around since Burning Crusade. No really, I think he was in his 50s or something when Wrath hit. Then I got him to 63 or so and quit leveling him entirely until about four weeks ago and now he’s level 88.

Also he’s cute. Shut up. MALE BLOOD ELVES ARE CUTE OKAY. I mean look at this bad boy:

Would tame.

How is MoP treating you, my friends?

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Mists of Pandaria!”

  1. Yes, I finally caved and bought MoP. Now I’m cautiously exploring it. With a Death Knight because I’m lazy that way. Ran LFG from 58 to 85 then headed out for Panda land. So far I am in complete agreement with OGH. Given that I actually liked Cata I am still enjoying the new zones vastly and one of the things that I’m enjoying is the fact that you can’t fly until you hit 90. So you’re forced to take your time, look around and explore instead of rushing past in mid-air looking for the next yellow exclamation point. Now my hunter is about to get unparked from Stormwind and thrown into the melee with nothing but her Twilight greens to protect her. Should be fun…

  2. I would say that I’m very much liking MoP right now.

    Took a two-weeks break from work for the xpac, managed to get my main (Paladin) to 90 just at the end of the break – delays were due to me exploring Pandaria excitedly =D. Currently she’s doing dailies for the Order of the Cloud Serpents for that cool Serpent mount.

    Now I’m pushing for a second level 90 (also a Paladin, currently level 87) as well as slowly leveling a Pandaren Monk via cooking and Monk-class dailies (now at level 36). But with so many exciting things to do and so many instances/scenarios/raids to run, I doubt I will be able to maintain my afore-mentioned goals. I suspect I shall be sidetracked into something else soon!

    Oh, and Pokemons in my WoW?! GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!

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