Weekend Wrap-Up, Weekend Wrap-Up!

Let’s dig up some blogosphere cheer!

What have you been up to, my friends?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, Weekend Wrap-Up!”

  1. Took Maleficia, my Death Knight on Silver Hand, to Panda land yesterday just to look around. Pretty much all my justice point blues and purples have now been replaced by quest greens – time to get my dungeon on methinks! So far I’m loving the gorgeous scenery and the interplay. My rotation is still shot to hell of course but time will heal that (I hope!) Now I’m going to take my one and only Horde 85 there and see what it all looks like from the north side of the forest. And of course, to see what leveling a Blacksmith from 525-600 produces…

  2. And I should add that my original Hunter dates from Vanilla… Unfortunate he’s parked in Stormwind right now at 85 until I can figure out the new stuff – in all honesty, even with all the good advice I read after discovering Aspect of the Hare I’m still not a very effective hunter.

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