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Weekend Wrap-Up, Weekend Wrap-Up!

Let’s dig up some blogosphere cheer!

What have you been up to, my friends?

Lanjelin’s Signature Generator

Today’s post is a shoutout to Lanjelin’s Signature Generator. Now, through the years, there have been a lot of WoW signature generators out there. Many of these promised all sorts of shiny things like huge amounts of customization and automatic updating and then failed to deliver. Heck, I have some of these “automatic updating” banners bookmarked that still say I’m level 70 and spec’d 41/20/0.

So I gave up on signatures for a while, figuring they weren’t really worth the trouble of upkeep, but then I stumbled across Lanjelin’s Signature Generator, which is perfect for alt-o-holics or people who just want something simple. Check it out:

Isn’t that cool? It gets right down to business and tells you the race/class/level of my active characters that I want it to display.

The best part is that Lanjelin is active with it; I submitted a bug recently and it was fixed within a couple of hours. In addition, we had a very nice e-mail exchange.

So if you have billions of characters and want a nice compact way to display them, go check it out :3


I got some feedback from Lanjelin on Monday, December 6:

“Thanks for the positive feedback, glad you like my signature generator.

Got some bad news about it though, Blizzard have decided to release a new version of Armory, on a new server/address with everything completely rewritten.

As for now, they haven’t released a way for 3rd-party sites to fetch data from Armory, so my signature generator is currently not able to update/add any characters.

I even made it ready for Cataclysm races, when I get this thrown in my face.

Hope to get it back up & running as soon as possible.”

Shout, Shout, Let it All Out

Just a couple of quick shout-outs in this post:

I figure most people know about Brajana’s “Needs More Stable Slots” charity drive by now but if not, you’d better check it out quick because there are only a few days left to help out fuzzy animals!

Mania, the editor of Petopia, is looking for info on how to improve Cunning Pets so we can deliver it to Ghostcrawler in one neat tidy package and he can stop saying he’s looked everywhere on the intarwebs and failed to find it. =P

Lastly, everyone should read this post by Rilgon about account security. It is very informative and easy-to-read, and even if you think you already know the ropes of account security, it’s worth a look as a refresher course. At the very least, you can go read one of the reasonings behind why yours truly flat-out refuses to use the terms “hack” or “hacker” when it comes to this sort of thing (the other reason being, hey, I come from a free software/open source background where it’s a positive word! =P Why yes, I am stubborn/elitist/an open source zealot/[insert your adjective here])

COMING UP NEXT: Either “My life with crabs” *cough* or rants about professions. I’m still undecided on which to write about next…