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Hey, hey guys, question.

Am I the only person who has never, ever been bothered by the roaring log-in screen dragon? I mean really. It’s not that loud. (At least it’s not on my computer.) And it’s kind of cool.

…I mean, I know I’m also the weirdo that is too lazy to turn on Instant Quest Text, and who had the profanity filter on for like three years because… well, for the same reason. The lazy thing. (Besides, when I talk, it’s usually like Napoleon Dynamite. Gosh. And when other people talk you can figure out what they’re actually saying through context, it’s not that difficult.)

Heck, let’s make a list.


1.) Log-in Screen Dragon

2.) Slow Quest Text
3.) Profanity Filter

…and for good measure, let’s toss in


1.) Not having at least one point in Improved Mend Pet because having debuffs on my pet make me go ASDGIHWEIOATJSKGH *panicflail*
2.) Tiger mounts, because they still remind me of Lisa Frank stickers and three-ring binders.
3.) Logging out with unused healthstones. I just feel bad because the warlock went through all that trouble to make healthstones and then you just forget about it. Seriously, I NEVER REMEMBER to use the stupid healthstone. Sometimes, before logging out, I’ll go hurl myself off of a cliff somewhere so I can take damage just so I can use the healthstone. Hey, I never said I made sense.

221B Westfall Street

“Ah, are these the villain’s tracks?”

“Indeed they are, Mr. Holmes.”

“Hoofprints? This rules out most races except draenei and tauren, but it’s most unlikely that a tauren would travel this far. Besides, here and here we see traces of moth dust found only in Azuremyst Isle. Now we can further deduce from his tracks that this villain moved around a lot, although it wasn’t to back up, rather, it was to get closer. This indicates that he is a melee class–”

“Or an uninformed hunter?”

“Unlikely, Watson. I see no animal prints or feathers.”

“A… fantastically uninformed hunter?”

“Very doubtful. As you can see, the surrounding ground is charred by holy fire…”

“A paladin?”


“Brilliant, Murloc Holmes!”


Things I Like Right Now

** Low level LFG! The LFG at 80, right now, is not on particularly good standing with me. Dungeons I’ve done a million times before and groups that are like RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH ZOMG ZOMG RUSH RUSH LET’S ALL MAKE FUN OF THE HEALER AND DPS IF THEY FELL A BIT BEHIND THE TANK ON ONE PULL. Heaven forbid you’re new or an alt and still have a couple blues and people inspect you. I mean sometimes you luck out and get a good group, but meh. Needless to say none of my 80s will be getting “the Patient” anytime soon.

Low level dungeons, though, are awesome. Sure, half the time the groups have no idea what they’re doing and there’s no tank or healer, but frankly I’d take that over “AMG RUSH RUSH GEAR SCORE OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND” any day. Maybe that’s just me, though. Gimme my Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep and Wailing Caverns, please. …okay, maybe not Wailing Caverns.

** My warlock. So did this class suddenly decide to get awesome and fun when I wasn’t looking? I tried about three thousand times to make warlocks and suddenly it clicked, I guess. I just DoT things up, watch my screen fill up with numbers, and cackle when I Life Tap + Drain Life.

I'm in ur random dungeon, toppin' ur recount
I'm in ur dungeon, toppin' ur recount

** Enchanters in groups. I get all excited when the little “Disenchant” button pops up. Even better, my ‘lock is an enchanter, so everybody gets all excited about her being in their group.

** Tower Defense games. This has nothing to do with WoW, but it does have something to do with “Things I Like Right Now”, which is the title of the post. So, nyar!

I have loved Tower Defense games since Starcraft’s battle.net back in 1999/2000 when you could find delightful gems like “Tower Matrix D” inbetween all the “$$$$$FASTEST MAP EVER$$$$$” games. Since then I’ve played dozens of Tower Defense games and I <3 them all. Desktop Tower Defense is my longstanding favorite, but recently I discovered that Neopets has one called Biscuit Brigade and I immediately had to throw everything aside and master it.


** Bang Shishigami + Falcon Punch:

** Walking aimlessly around my apartment while wearing a trenchcoat, fedora, and pocketwatch, and pretending I’m cool because of it

** Iron Man

** Did I mention my warlock? Yeah. I like my warlock.

The Curious Incident of the Penguin in the Blog Post

This is a blog post that started out as a couple of rants and then turned into me negating one of my own rants.

See, it happened like this…

I was cooking up this whole blog post about how I rather dislike the fact that Blizzard really pushes the whole Horde vs. Alliance thing. Like, that Twitter “battlecry” contest or the current photo mosaic thing. I don’t like it, because I love both Horde and Alliance. Why do they want me to choose between my babies like that? And why won’t they just let me say “FOR THE EVERYONE” or hold up signs of both faction emblems? Why can’t we be friends?

Then, that rant segued into a sort of ponder about how I have a hard time understanding people who are really die-hard loyal to one faction. Both sides have such great storylines and great races and great locations, and both sides have good days and bad days and good people and not-so-good people. I mean, I can understand “well, all my friends are [insert faction here]”, I mean, I 100% understand that. But what about the people who won’t even roll an alt on the other side? They’re missing out! I simply didn’t understand.

So I was in the middle of this all and I felt something on my shoulder. I tapped at it, but it didn’t go away, and I turned and saw this:


sitting on my shoulder and giving me “the look”.

“Bwah?” I said, rather surprised (as you might expect). “Wh… who are you?”

“I’m Tux,” he replied. “And I’m the global collective conscience of Linux geeks everywhere. And you are being silly.”

“Me? Silly? Nonsense!” I replied in a rather miffed tone as I spun around in my computer chair.

“Look,” said Conscience-Tux. “You’re sitting here writing this blog post about how you don’t understand faction loyalty in World of Warcraft. And yet you whine and gripe anytime you have to use your Windows partition and you just LOVE coming up with excuses to show off screenshots of your Linux desktop and you get all defensive and noble and “patriotic” when people bash it, oh, and did I mention that your whole NaNoWriMo book is a freakin’ allegory for the Open Source Software movement? Hrmmm?”

“But, but, Tux! People just don’t understand!” I babbled. “They don’t understand the chills that go up my spine when somebody says ‘Free as in freedom’. They don’t understand the thrill of breaking and rebuilding your own operating system when you have to. They don’t understand the deep satisfaction that comes from solving a crazy computer problem. They don’t understand what it’s like to be the underdogs, tearing and clawing your way into using something as simple as a driver, and they don’t understand what it’s like to be a part of this great community and group effort…”

Tux held up a flipper to silence me. “Oh, and yet you don’t understand why some people have chills go up their spine when they hear ‘For the Horde’? And you don’t understand why people are loyal to their little virtual community? No, I think you understand perfectly well. Your heart has just already been taken. By a sexy flightless bird, no less.”

I sighed and then grumbled “Fiiiiiine, you win.”

“I always do. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must be off. I’ve got an appointment with Richard Stallman in about five minutes.”

“Wait, you hang out with Richard Stallman too?”

“Oh, all the time. Why else do you think he’s so nuts?”

“Hrmm. Point taken.”

“Regardless, it’s been fun. And I hope you learned something from this little meeting of ours.” And with that, Conscience-Tux mounted up on his Gnu and disappeared into the air.

And so it came to pass that I was forced to adapt my blog post into saying, okay, die-hard Hordies (and Allies, though there aren’t as many of you running around), I getcha. It’s kind of a weird, roundabout way of getting you, but I do. …still wish I could say “FOR THE EVERYBODY!” though.

And that is how it went. True story. Even the part with the penguin conscience.

…what’s with the funny look…?

Okay, Really Quickly Here

Please tell me I’m not the only one having really awesome “Milo & Otis” flashbacks:


(Thanks for the pic, MMO-Champion!)

I say we pair it up with the Cornish Rex. Sooo cute x_x (And really, it’s about time we had a proper dog minipet, and not just a mini-worg.)

(Yes, this is a filler post. Yes, I apologize. I’ll try to have something slightly more interesting up shortly!)