Real Talk. Beast Mastery in 6.2…

…is basically the same as it was before.  Let’s take a closer look.

hunter notesAspect of the Fox is gone.  I used it on occasion but usually forgot it existed.  So /shrug

Tranquilizing Shot is now on a cooldown, unless you are glyphed.  Whether you prefer to use the glyph or not probably comes down to your own personal preference and the encounter.

And that’s it!  That’s it for Beast Mastery, unless you PvP, in which case you will notice that A Murder of Crows and Barrage now do less damage to player characters.  Not very fun, no, but whatcha gonna do.  We’re hunters, so we’re just gonna keep moseying along.

Now remember, things haven’t changed for us, really, but things may have changed for other classes and specs.  Marksmanship got a buff to Aimed Shot and a lot of the other classes were tweaked, so Beast Masters may not see themselves in the same spot on Recount.  We’ll just have to see how things shuffle out.

AS AN ASIDE, I’m seeing a few theorycrafting places report that Steady Focus is now preferable over Dire Beast.  I may have to test this and then report back.  Either way it should be close, so personally I wouldn’t fault you for using either talent.

**EDIT**: I have been informed in the comments that Focus Fire appears to be bugged.  My own quick testing seems to be confirming that it’s not acting right.  So stay tuned for that and be aware!

New patch is great so far 10/10

So I’ve been playing the new patch for a few hours and I LOVE IT.





Although I did misread “minions of Gul’dan” as “millions of Gul’dans” at first and got a little bit worried.

But yeah.  Lovin’ it.  LOVIN’ IT.


Kinda busy, granted.  You know, massive multiplayer in my massively multiplayer game?  Who asked for that?  Pfffft.


The other night I had a dream about Timewalking

Specifically I had a dream that I was doing Violet Hold (which isn’t one of the ones we’re getting but bear with me) and that I was a moonkin?  Yeah I don’t get it either.

I swear this Timewalking thing is just for me.  Like, Blizzard heard my prayers and floated down from the heavens to give this to me.  I just, guys, look at this.  Look at this list.

Burning Crusade – The Arcatraz, The Black Morass, Mana-Tombs, The Shattered Halls, The Slave Pens

Wrath of the Lich King – Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom, Gundrak, Halls of Lightning, The Nexus, Utgarde Pinnacle

Just looking at this list makes my heart swell three sizes.  All the time spent in every one of these dungeons… all that time, all those memories.  Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, you guys.  Those were MY expansions.  That is World of Freaking Warcraft, Pike Edition.

I am just, I am so excited, I wish I could express how excited I am.  Don’t botch this up, Blizz.


So yeah.  PATCH 6.2.  Let’s talk about it.  What are you looking forward to? Because um, I’m basically looking forward to the whole thing.

But mostly timewalking.

Good Games That Are Good: Starcraft Brood War

This game

Starcraft 2015-06-19 13-29-58-14

Is very, very, very

Starcraft 2015-06-20 15-21-29-69

important to me

StarCraft 2015-06-21 13-02-38-44

I stumbled across Starcraft not long after it first came out – this would have been, oh, 1999 or 2000 or so.  I was like sixteen years old.  This game rocked my entire world.  It was basically all I played for like the next three years.  Disregard high school, acquire the greatest RTS game ever made.  I got my first “real” computer as a high school graduation gift in 2002 and that summer Starcraft was all I did because now I could use my own computer and run this gorram game like 14 hours a day.

And that’s exactly what I did.

So that summer after I graduated was absolutely amazing.  I had a summer job and I did it and then came home and played this stupid game.  Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours poured into it.  I loved it; I memorized every detail; I knew all about the lore and the characters but most importantly the mechanics.  I wrote (horrific) fanfic and dreamed of going to South Korea someday so I could watch those proto-eSports celebs work their magic.

it is timeIt’s very difficult to explain what, exactly, was so magical about this game.  Was it the fact that all three races, despite being so different from each other in playstyle, were all perfectly balanced?  Was it the atmosphere?  The music?  All of the above?  I’m going to go with all of the above.

I’ll tell you what, though.  I reinstalled this the other day and now I’m replaying it in all its pixelly glory on my huge new widescreen monitor.  It scratches the itch where Starcraft 2 doesn’t quite do it.

This is, without a doubt, one of my all time favorites and I think it always will be.

So guys look at this cool new thing we can tame in patch 6.2



Look at this.

Are you seeing this?

It’s a frigging wolf but it’s like, a furnace or something?  (Would that be called a FURnace harhar)

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and the only way it would be cooler is if it was a dinosaur furnace.

Anyways yeah check out Petopia (long may it reign!!) for all the details including a look at a bright neon green fel wolf too.

Are Hunters Easy?

Since basically Vanilla, hunters have always been the class that is stereotyped as easy to play.  The AFK/Autoshot class, the Spam Buttons class, and so on.  When I first made this blog waaaaaay back in the day, I liked to focus on the idea that this wasn’t entirely the case.  Things like trapping and pet control and rotations were actually very complex and required a fair amount of practice to become skilled at.

These days, a lot of this stuff has become very streamlined.  Trapping is rarely needed and when it is it lasts much longer, can be launched with trap launcher, and so forth.  Rotations are priority based and no longer have to be carefully timed and woven inbetween auto shots.  And so on.

So this raises the question: is the modern hunter class easy to play?  Is there truth in the stereotype?

Maybe.  The basics feel easy enough to me that I don’t know if I need to write any guides anymore – but then again, this could very well be me being biased due to the simple fact of having played one class in one video game for a decade, so it comes easier to me by default.

This is a screenshot that was taken... I dunno, several years ago.  After transmog was introduced (obviously).
This is a screenshot that was taken… I dunno, several years ago. After transmog was introduced (obviously).

Beast Master Hunter, at least, does have some subtleties to it, though.  I went and wrote a guide about the nuances of using Focus Fire because it’s actually pretty complex.  It’s one of the more complex hunter mechanic thingies that I’ve seen in a long time and it makes me happy.  There is also the whole thing with priorities and when to use what, which, again, I personally feel is pretty intuitive but it may just be me because I have seen some people with questions about it.

So are hunters easy to play?  I don’t know.  I do think that they’re a very forgiving class right now because they are very strongly tuned.  But I don’t know if forgiving equals easy.  Maybe it’s not even an important question.  Maybe the actual important question here is “Are hunters fun?”.

And the answer to that is going to come down to you, personally, but for me, well…

Yes.  Yes they are.

Even ten years later!

Top Ten Clearly Most Important Things to Know About Patch 6.2

The big patch is coming in about five days and hopefully this time we’ll get more than SELFIE cameras (I mean, I LOVE the selfies and the Twitter integration but come on Blizzard.)  So, what can we look forward to this time?  Well…

1. NOSTALGIA – aka timewalking.  TBC and WotLK friends, to me!  This is our hour.

2. TANAAN JUNGLE – aka “LOTSA NEW MONSTERS!  …okay well they’re new skins of old monsters, whatever.  New quests!  Okay, well they’re the same quests but BETTER REWARDS… okay well they’re not really better rewards they’re kind of  the same armor skins too you’re kind of lazy Blizzard BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT”

3. FLYING – aka finally I can do in five minutes what I’ve been doing in twenty MY BODY IS READY

4. SAYING FAREWELL TO ASPECT OF THE FOX – aka oh yeah we still have that spell?  Huh.

5. AIRCRAFT CARRIERS – aka what game is this again?  Am I playing World of Warcraft or am I playing Hearts of Iron II?

… huh.  I’m running out of stuff.  Okay let’s see here, lemme dig, I’m sure I can find something… A HA

6. PVP NERFS FOR HUNTERS!  Because you know I don’t lose Alterac Valley enough already… okay this isn’t really something to look forward to for me soooo moving on

7. BLINGTRON’S SECRET VAULT is gonna give us more money like, did you guys see this one?  MMO-Champion dug it up and I’m okay with it.

8. NEW RAID which is going to be unlocked…



…on LFR…

okay I’m starting to stall here, I’m honestly running out of stuff to say, so



Basically I’m here to collect my boats, Blizzard, give me my boats, please and thank you

I am a gigantic nerd and lore is important to me

Recently a Blizz dev made an offhanded tweet that kind of bugged me a little.  The gist of it is that someone said “I’ve played all the Warcraft 3 missions and played WoW for years and I still don’t get the plot of WoD,” and Blizz replied “DON’T WORRY, JUST WATCH THE COOL CINEMATICS!” or something to that effect.

Now I’m sure it was meant to be a joke.  But it still kind of irked me a little.

Because you see, I’m probably in the minority here, but at this point I’m mostly still here because of the lore.  There was a time when I was in this game for the raids and mechanics, but I don’t think those will ever quite return to how I liked them back in the TBC/WotLK era so now I’m here because these characters and this story have been a major part of my life for well over a decade.

Because before Tawyn or Althalor there was "Elven archer"
Because before Tawyn or Althalor there was “Level One Elven Archer”

As geeky as it is, this stuff is important to me and I’d like to see more of it.  And I’d like to see it well cared for and carefully crafted for myself and fellow lore nerds.  I certainly don’t think it needs to be shoehorned into everything, or made mandatory – like I said, I know I’m in the minority here.  But more side quests with neat unlockable lore gems.  More little flavor events.  And freaking updates to the draenei and blood elf starter zones for crying out loud (yes, yes, I know, that would cost ten million raid wings or whatever, but come on, can’t I have this one thing? [puppy dog eyes])

So yeah.  Dear Blizzard, feel free to continue making those cool cinematics because I know you’re really good at them (no sarcasm here; this is one of Blizz’s strong points).  But like.  Some of us turbonerds want the real nitty-gritty, too.  Kay?  Kay.

Much love,


All The E3 Spam and Reactions Remind Me Why I Love Games

I’m sure the people on Twitter or blogs who don’t care about E3 are tired of hearing about it by now.  And you know, it can be a draining couple of days for everyone.  But at its core is something really exciting to me.  A certain spark.  A certain passion.  Because sometimes something really special comes along and the people in the audience start crying or cheering because games are important to us.

I’m really glad that I love games.  I’m proud to be part of a community that loves games.  These are my people, and for a few days we can band together and freak out about them as one glorified united whole.

…and also annoy the heck out of everyone else, but.


Everyday I'm Huntering