Another week, another round of…

…lack of flight in Draenor.

I think that a lot of people were expecting the patch to drop this week due to the extended maintenance, but looks like that wasn’t the case.  I’m actually fine with that, myself, since I’m not quite ready for flying yet.  I just haven’t gotten around to all that treasure hunting stuff that I need for that stinkin’ achievement.  Primarily because I’m having fun playing alts, but also because work is slave-driver as of late.

I do find myself idly wondering when the patch is gonna drop and also when the next expansion is gonna drop.  Blizzard has repeatedly said that they don’t want another year-long content drought, and yet if they don’t get the expansion out soon they’re gonna have one!

When do YOU guys think the expansion is coming out?

I Am Overly Attached to The Boats In My Shipyard

Yep.  Overly attached.  100%.  Especially the ones with matching crews/names.

I SHIP it. Haha. Ahaha.

Anyways, I get really antsy about sending ships I like on missions that are, like, below a 90% success rate.  Because I’m attached to my ships and they might sink!  And then all the little virtual people on my virtual boat will probably die!   I honestly feel bad when it happens.  It’s horrible.  Horrible I tell you.

…it’s not just me, right?

[Art Post] Actual Canon Lore…

…that happened after the Siege of Dalaran. Grand Magister Rommath got himself a popsicle, turned to Jaina and Vereesa and said…

popsicle rommieYup.

Sorry for the lack of actual content posts the last couple of days.  I haven’t really had anything in particular to talk about.    Got something for me to talk about?  Lemme know!


“Connecting” to a Character – aka Yep, Pike Is Still an RP Nerd

Today’s writing prompt comes by way of Jaedia, who asks:

What is most important to you when it comes down to ‘connecting’ to a character you play? If you don’t tend to connect to your characters, tell us about the things that tend to carry over between your characters. Certain names/stories/personalities/appearance features?

I’m sure I have talked about this before, but I am definitely one of those people who puts a lot of thought into my characters.  Sometimes I already have a story and character idea in mind when I roll said character; other times it comes naturally as I play them.  But characters with a background that I can’t get into usually tend to get dropped after a while.

A picture of me, wondering when my MMO character will get interesting.
A picture of me, wondering when my MMO character will get interesting.

This may come as a shock to some of you (…like, one of you, maybe), but at the moment I’m, uh… kind of into blood elves.  This is because I feel like their story, as a race, is filled with copious amounts of pathos.  This makes it both easy and also a delight to make blood elf characters, because they come standard with loads of baggage.  Even a freshly rolled blood elf character is carrying around some serious backstory simply by virtue of being a blood elf.  I like this a great deal because it gives me a blueprint, if you will, for more character-specific stories and personality traits.

Because in case you forgot, every level one blood elf starts with this little event fresh in their memory.
Because in case you forgot, every level one blood elf starts with this little event from Warcraft 3 fresh in their memory.

I also like characters with traits that I can identify with (the techno-loving gnomes and goblins, for example, or my goggles-wearing-tauren) which similarly allows me to connect with a character.

Eventually I get to the point where I get really attached to my characters and, as I’ve mentioned before, they become the reason that I log in.  Other people may log in for their guild or raiding friends… I log in for my characters, who feel to me like friends.  It’s a silly thing, but it’s true.

Gimme fuel!  Gimme fire!  Gimme lore!  Gimme worldbuilding! …okay, that didn’t work out as well as I wanted it to, but hey, I tried.

Still Waiting For Account-Wide Tabards

Titles are account-wide.  Pets and mounts are account-wide.  Toys and heirlooms are account-wide.

But you know what I REALLY want to be account-wide?



Because as is I have two characters with Tabard of the Argent Dawn but my current main doesn’t have it.  Just my luck, right?  But yeah, I would LOVE to be reunited with it.  I’ve already been reunited with my Vampiric Batling and Spirit of Competition.  Tabards next?  Please Blizzard?

Melee Hunters are Officially a Thing, So Let’s Talk About It

Well, it looks like Survival is finally and officially going to be the melee spec.  And I don’t mean the weird sort of hybrid Lacerate spec from Vanilla.  A full on melee spec.

…and that’s all we know so far.  That, and they get a polearm or something for their artifact weapon.

I find myself wondering how they’re going to play out.  Will they play like a warrior?  Like a rogue?  Since we’ve got Focus and that works similarly to Energy, I’d assume it’ll be kind of like a rogue.  But I also think with large weapons like polearms, things’ll feel more like a warrior or paladin with a two-hander.

I also find myself thinking about the role the pet is going to play.  Maybe there will be combo moves where the pet and hunter act together?  Who knows!  There are a lot of possibilities.

ss538lJNj4cj18lAll I know for sure is that, even though every expansion I gripe like an old fogey about “hunters these days”, this is definitely gonna be the biggest change to the class we’ve had since mana was replaced by focus.  How is it all going to turn out?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

What do YOU guys think about Survival going melee?

Has Anyone Ever Successfully Managed to Navigate the Exodar?

I mean, seriously.

EXODARPic related, it’s an actual map of the Exodar.

Okay, seriously, I have never, in the eight years it’s been since Burning Crusade, been able to navigate this thing.  Ever.  It used to be I’d have to hearthstone to get out.  Recently I ran in as a Horde character with for the Midsummer achivement and guess what, I had to hearth out.  After spending like ten minutes trying to find the stupid bonfire to begin with.

The Exodar and me just don’t get along.  We just don’t.  It’s probably because it knows that I’m actually a blood elf in real life and is doing this just to spite me.

Is it just me?  Please tell me it’s not just me.

Forget Demon Hunters, You Know What Class I Want to See?


fanart-1243-fullSpellbreakers.  Do you guys see this?  You know what these guys do?  They’re warrior-mages and they interrupt and steal spells.  What if you could be, like… a mail-wearing melee mage who steals spells off of other people and then turns those spells against others?

That’s what I want to be.  That is 100% a class I would play.

Oh sure, I’ll probably make a Demon Hunter, the same way I made a Death Knight (that I stopped playing at level 58) and the same way I made a monk (that I stopped playing at level 7 or something).

But spellbreakers, guys.

Just… spellbreakers.

SpellbreakerWC3Oh and P.S. they also have the best quotes in Warcraft 3.  “Reincarnate.. man!  That’ll get you life!

So I’ve Been Playing This Quirky Retro-Style MMO Called Project Gorgon

Project Gorgon is currently in playable alpha, and because why not, I’ve been messing around with it.

I downloaded it intending to mess around for about an hour, but then I ended up playing it for like three hours.  And then playing it again the next day.  And honestly I’ll probably play it again later today, too.

cool afThis is a (primarily) two-person project crafted with a lot of love and the result is a delightful old-school RPG with a big focus on exploration.  Think Elder Scrolls.  Like, think early Elder Scrolls.  Daggerfall but with Morrowind graphics.  Add two cups of some other people running around, a pinch of Everquest, and then a sprinkle of great humor and hat-wearing bugs for spice.  This is what is currently cooking in the Project Gorgon oven.

GOTYAYI’m not exactly sure why I find this game so charming.  I think it’s because it just tosses you out in the world (well, it tosses you in a tutorial cave, but there’s a cheat to bail if you want to)  and gives you no other real direction.  There are quests hidden around, but there are no quest markers of any sort, so you actually have to learn the names of NPCs and what they do and where they are.  The game just revolves around the idea that this is a whole new world for you to explore, and it isn’t gonna hold your hand.  Like I said: old-school Elder Scrolls.

Anyways, it’s probably not to everyone’s style, but I just find it to be a really charming game so far, even if I have no idea what I’m doing!  Go check it out if it looks like your kind of thing.

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