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I feel that it has become a hallowed, if somewhat pathetic, Aspect of the Hare tradition that for every new expansion Pike resubs for a month or two and then unsubs until the next expansion.  This time around I’m a little behind because I don’t technically own Warlords of Draenor yet.  I do, however, currently have one month of subscription time thanks to a generous gift from a Twitter friend.

Logging in for the first time in several years was initially very disorienting, perhaps like returning to a building or town where you once spent a lot of time but then moved away from.  I kept my sessions short and to the point until I managed to acclimate to the new game after a few days.  And now I’m plinking around and doing Loremaster achievements and running old raids because there’s little else to do without the expac.

I will, in time, get the expac.  I will, in time, level up to 100 and I’m sure I will enjoy the journey.  And yet, somehow, I highly doubt that I will stay after that.

I can already hear you asking how I may know this.

I guess you could call it a hunch.

In many ways, I feel like I identify a lot with Scotty in the Star Trek TNG episode “Relics”.  In this episode Scott, the brilliant engineer from the Original Series, is revived in TNG’s future after being in stasis for 75 years.  He is eager to jump back into things and put his engineering prowess back to good use, but it turns out that too much has changed and that the skills he was once such a master at were now no longer needed.

He retreats to a recreation of the original Enterprise – “No bloody A, B, C, or D.” – in the holodeck, where he tells Captain Picard “There comes a time when a man finds he can’t fall in love again. He knows it’s time to stop. I don’t belong on your ship. I belong on this one. This was my home. This was where I had a purpose…”

Hunters have changed drastically and it no longer feels like the class I once knew and loved.  Any sense of rotation timing or finesse is simply no longer there for me.  It all feels like frantic button-spamming – just spamming Arcane Shot and then waiting for the next glowy yellow light to pop up and tell me what to press next.  It’s difficult for me to find that “zen” that I once had while playing the class.  And after many attempts and false starts through the years, I don’t think I can find it again.

I’m not here to put on nostalgia goggles or knock WoW, because Blizzard has in fact made a lot of good quality of life changes throughout the game.  Pet battles are fun.  Battletag was a good idea.  Putting toys into a toy box was a great idea.  Letting hunters have a ton of pet slots now is a blast.

But as Scotty said, “When I was here, I could tell ya the speed that we were travelin’ by the feel of the deck plates.” And I can no longer do that.  And I think Blizzard took a way a lot of the class mechanics that allowed me to do just that.

I could, of course, roll up a new class and start fresh.  See if I could fall in love with something brand new.  I’ve thought about it, and decided not to do it for a few reasons.  Firstly, I’ve been a hunter for so long that the thought of playing something else just feels weird.  Secondly, do I really want to fall in love again, and risk everything changing again the next time an expansion is released?

No – Scotty was right.  There comes a time when a Pike finds she can’t fall in love again.

And so, this will probably be my only blog post here for another two years or until Blizzard makes a new expansion.  Tawyn, Tux, Lunapike, Althalor, Tamaryn and all the others will get into a shuttlecraft and fly out into the great unknown.  Maybe someday they’ll be back in full battle regalia – but probably not.

To everyone who still enjoys the game and the class – I am genuinely happy for you, and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

To Blizzard – make it so gnomes can be hunters already.  Also, please offer legacy servers.

To the four or five people who still have me on their blog reader for some reason – I’m basically always on Twitter or Steam if you want to chat.

Live long and prosper!

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Rep grinds can be a pain, sure, I understand! But I don’t get that people are quitting over them.

Do you remember back in Burning Crusade when you had to be Revered with a faction just to run that faction’s heroic? Yeah. Later they changed it to Honored, but still!

Remember Scryers/Aldors/Isle of Quel’Danas? That Isle of Quel’Danas got you all sorts of fancy purples. Scryers/Aldors was where you got certain inscriptions– shoulders if my memory serves me right. Other factions gave out other inscriptions based on rep.

Remember Sons of Hodir in Wrath? Man, those guys were a pain in the butt too.

Now here we are in MoP. You can get all of those inscriptions off of the Auction House– no rep needed. Instead we have a bunch of dailies/rep for gear. Now, there are two things that I think Blizzard could have done better here. First of all, there should be more turn-ins for rep. Think Sunfury Signets/whatever those Hodir things were called. I know Klaxxi has got something but those have a horrific drop rate.

Secondly I don’t think there should be a weekly cap on badges. I no longer play WoW for challenge (more on this later), but there are people who do, and they should be allowed to get as many badges as they want.

Other than those two gripes, I don’t have a problem with the current system. There are a ton of daily hubs, yes, but the alternative was that Blizz introduced one new daily hub each patch or something and then people would be crying about not having enough content at one time. It took me like a week and a half or something to get to Revered with Golden Lotus. That’s not bad. Personally I think that’s a perfectly reasonable rate of reputation gain.

So whilst I feel that the current system could use some improvements, I still don’t think it’s the end of the world as millions of posts on the official forums seem to be saying on a daily (LOL GET IT??) basis.

Cute cat picture to break up the wall of text. Move along.

Now I’m going to go back to the idea of challenge in WoW because it might make me biased on this whole dailies/rep grind situation, so I want to clear it up right now and admit that I’m coming at this from a different angle than everyone else is. I approach WoW as an inherently casual game. Yep. And no, that’s not an insult. It’s just the way I view things. If I want a really tough challenging video game I go play X-Com or Master of Orion 2 or something. Now that crap is unforgiving. That stuff will make you feel godly for making any sort of minor progress.

WoW is where I go to relax. It’s where I go to make cute blood elf boys look fancy with transmog and where I go to do farming and Tillers stuff and archeology. I am in no rush. I feel proud when I do a good job in an instance or solo some particularly tricky old raid boss or something but ultimately the game is a very forgiving one overall.

So because I am approaching the game from this standpoint, I am possibly biased when it comes to this sort of thing. Maybe I don’t understand raiders anymore. Maybe I don’t understand what it means to be “hardcore” in WoW anymore because I straight up quit raiding in WotLK. Maybe I’m not seeing it the way everyone else is seeing it. Who knows!

As far as I’m concerned, though, MoP is probably WoW’s best expac so far and, whilst dailies are a pain because they have always been a pain, I don’t think that MoP’s dailies are a particularly special case here. The expac is gonna be out for two years; spending a couple of weeks rep grinding just doesn’t bug me.

Okay! Time to go check on my farm! Stay chilly, free willies.

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So if Twitter is any indication, 90% of the WoW-playing world is happy about the return of CC and “hard heroics” that went the way of the Dodo in Wrath of the Lich King.

But I gotta admit, I’m not entirely with you hallelujah-singers.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I loved the heck out of Burning Crusade heroics. I loved chain trapping. I loved long, careful pulls with the raid icons on everything. I loved heroics that took like an hour to do. I loved when asking people to get on Vent for heroics was considered a reasonable request. I loved having to claw your way up the ladder of normal instances and then having to get keyed for Heroics and then failing on mini-bosses in said heroics. I loved going nuts over blues. Oh gosh, I loved it all. I look back on it fondly.

But see, here’s the thing. My life has changed. A lot. And I don’t have time for that anymore.

I am sure you all know about the IRL problems that have been plaguing me lately, so I won’t recount them any more here. It’s why I quit raiding; I don’t have the time or dedication to be able to put a lot of energy into that sort of thing anymore. Doesn’t mean I don’t like raiding. I love raiding. Just means it’s pretty low on the priority totem pole at the moment.

Same deal goes for heroics. If it takes longer to do heroics– if heroics are like mini-raids– then they are no longer something I can do if I have a spare twenty minutes. You know?

Wrath of the Lich King was nice for me because it happened to “turn casual” right when I needed it to. Unfortunately, I’m not ready for it to go back on that difficulty upswing again.

I’m not crying or asking for the game to change to fit my needs; that would be silly. A lot of people have been asking for a return to BC-esque Heroics for a long time, and I know where you guys are coming from. I hope you guys enjoy it all. I hope all the WotLK-babies out there get to see a nice glimpse of one of the things I loved so much about Burning Crusade.

But me, well, I’ll be playing low-level alts. I haven’t even stepped foot in the new level 80+ zones yet. Why rush to something I may not really be able to properly participate in?

I am in the opposite of a hurry. I’ll wait until I have time again.

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Am I the only person who has never, ever been bothered by the roaring log-in screen dragon? I mean really. It’s not that loud. (At least it’s not on my computer.) And it’s kind of cool.

…I mean, I know I’m also the weirdo that is too lazy to turn on Instant Quest Text, and who had the profanity filter on for like three years because… well, for the same reason. The lazy thing. (Besides, when I talk, it’s usually like Napoleon Dynamite. Gosh. And when other people talk you can figure out what they’re actually saying through context, it’s not that difficult.)

Heck, let’s make a list.


1.) Log-in Screen Dragon

2.) Slow Quest Text
3.) Profanity Filter

…and for good measure, let’s toss in


1.) Not having at least one point in Improved Mend Pet because having debuffs on my pet make me go ASDGIHWEIOATJSKGH *panicflail*
2.) Tiger mounts, because they still remind me of Lisa Frank stickers and three-ring binders.
3.) Logging out with unused healthstones. I just feel bad because the warlock went through all that trouble to make healthstones and then you just forget about it. Seriously, I NEVER REMEMBER to use the stupid healthstone. Sometimes, before logging out, I’ll go hurl myself off of a cliff somewhere so I can take damage just so I can use the healthstone. Hey, I never said I made sense.

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Oh hey look, my AoE DPS sucks. Just like Burning Crusade.

But I do pretty good on bosses. Just like Burning Crusade.

I actually have to wait for the tank to get aggro. Just like Burning Crusade.

…we’re wiping. Just like Burning Crusade.

This heroic is taking forever. Just like Burning Crusade.

…okay, you know what, I liked Burning Crusade and all, but when I did a heroic in BC it meant the following:

a.) Waiting for people/guildies I trusted to all be on at the same time (was a rare occurance, considering our respective schedules– so heroics didn’t happen every day)
b.) Getting on Ventrilo
c.) Generally setting aside at least an hour for the whole thing.

And now I’m trying to PuG this via the Random Dungeon Finder.

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So I’ve been doing random heroics every day. My goal with this is to be able to have enough badges to use them like candy when I pamper all my alts. And I have a lot of alts these days. I’ve actually got a pretty expansive list of the BoAs that I still need to buy. (Because I’m spoiled and now I can’t bear to level an alt without BoAs.)

That was the first bit of backstory for this. The second bit of backstory is that I’m currently sporting my “of the Shattered Sun” title. The reason is actually because a few weeks back I thought it would be funny to pull all of my level 70 gear out of the bank (I still have every piece– trinkets and all) and then add my Shattered Sun title and walk around Stormwind like old times. So I did. It only lasted about an hour before I got bored and put all the 70 gear back in the bank. The Shattered Sun title stuck around, though… because why not? I’d been using “of the Nightfall” for a billion years and I’d been contemplating switching to something else anyway.

So enter the random I did yesterday. We zone in and start the instance. All is well, right? It is, until two people from the same server/guild decide to start regaling me with such poetic and eloquent statements as “lol did ur mum pay for ur shattered sun title for u.”

I sized these people up– both are “the Kingslayer”, and honestly, considering the way they were acting and that we wiped on the second pull in the dungeon (did I mention one of these people was the “healer”), I am nearly positive that these people just got their Kingslayer like… yesterday, now that the 30% buff is out.

Anyways the group disbands due to sheer fail moments after this, and I am left wondering if any of these people ever read “The Sneetches”. Did you? Classic Dr. Seuss, this.

The summary is something like this: There is a species who are called Sneetches, and there are two kinds: those with stars on their bellies, and those without. The ones with stars proclaim themselves to be superior by right of this star, until a guy shows up with a machine that gives stars to un-starred Sneetches. The “original” starred Sneetches, horrified that they have to be on equal footing with these newcomers, decide that stars are now out of style and de-star themselves, because they need to find a way to differentiate themselves. And hilarity ensues.

It would be really easy to re-write this for WoW.

Then along came Blizzard McMonkey McBean
With a magical epics-bestowing machine
“Badges for all!” he said, “Do not fear!”
“Soon everybody will have the best gear!”

So they clambered inside and the Badge Machine roared.
It bonked. It clonked. It jerked. It berked.
It bopped them around, but the thing really worked!

They yelled at the ones who had epics from the start,
“We’re exactly like you; you can’t tell us apart.
We’re all just the same now, you snooty old smarties.
Now you can invite us to your heroic parties!”

“Good grief!” groaned one who had gear from the first.
“We’re still the best Sneetches, and they are the worst.
But how in the world will we know,” they all frowned,
“if which kind is what or the other way ’round?”

So Blizzard stepped up with a very sly wink,
And said “Things are not quite as bad as you think.”
The style has changed all over again–
Epics are Out, and Titles are In!

The Sneetches, of course, figured out how silly the whole thing was by the end– whether or not actual people are capable of the same has yet to be determined.

…okay, I’ll admit, this whole post was basically just an excuse to rhyme like Dr. Seuss (I’m a poet and I don’t even know it.) Now it’s time for Heroics again. Maybe I’ll be lucky and get a good group (you have no idea how badly I want to rhyme that with “soup”.)

Someday I’ll have all the badges I need for alts… until then, as a wise band once said, I wanna be sedated.

Twenty - twenty - twenty - four badges to go-o-o...

(As a side note, does anybody else think it would be hilarious to re-do the music video, but with dragons and demons and stuff walking around in the background, and your Heroic party of five sitting bored at the table? It would be the most fitting music video EVAR.)

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When I was younger I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. (And before you all go into some sort of tirade against clueless parents or something, be aware that it was mostly my idea– I was a rather informed young thing.)

There is a long and convoluted story behind all of this but suffice to say that the second school stopped interesting me was the second I stopped caring. As far as I was concerned, my games of make-believe held much more weight than whatever boring homework the school system was throwing at me at the time. The result was that suddenly the “gifted school” girl was failing everything in sight, and nobody knew why. Yeah, that was kind of an uncomfortable time in my life.

I struggled with this issue for quite some time– all through middle school and then some of high school– and then finally I started taking meds.

Mmyep, I read the label, and this was pretty much it. Seriously.

That was when something crazy happened. See, the meds had a completely different effect than what was originally intended. Instead of giving me the drive and focus to concentrate on school, they gave me the drive and focus to concentrate on video games. For hours on end.

Up until that point, I could only play video games for small amounts of time and then need a break. Suddenly I was binging on everything in sight. Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 18 hours a day? Did it. Starcraft for 18 hours a day? Yup. Mario Freaking Golf? Did that too.

Aaaanyways I was on the meds for a while and then halfway through college I quit, cold turkey. There were a few reasons for this but chief among them was “Why am I taking this super addictive crap when the tradeoff is probably not even worth it?”

Plus I missed my imaginary friends.

Well once I got over about a month of painful withdrawal symptoms (further cementing my desire to not touch the stuff ever again), things had returned to normal– so it would seem. See, I wasn’t playing a whole lot of video games at this point because I was working and going to college. In fact, I wouldn’t really seriously game again until I graduated college and installed WoW.

I was soon back to my old shenanigans again as far as video games were concerned: I am unable to sit still and play a game for more than a couple of hours at a time. Oh, believe me, during the early WoW honeymoon phase it was several shifts a day, but these were interspersed with frequent breaks.

Anyways, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Pike, where are you going with this?”

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase. This whole insanely long prologue was meant to be a lead-in for this:

I can’t do that thing that everyone else does and binge play.


Chain heroics? Really? I can do two heroics, max, before I want to smash my head into a wall.

Raiding? An hour in and I’m done. I just stay the rest of the way out of courtesy more than anything. Karazhan was really the only raid that was near-immune to this phenomenon, because it was interesting. And Naxx wasn’t too bad, I guess. But ultimately this was one of the big reasons why I quit raiding. I just don’t have the mental stamina for it. After an hour or so, I simply don’t enjoy it anymore. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I kind of liked ToC. Short and to the point.

Leveling? Guys, not even heirlooms and the new in-game Quest Helper map can save me from how slowly I level. One level a day is a good day for me… and that’s pre-60. All you people that say stuff like “Oh I am leveling from 76 to 80 this weekend?” Seriously, you can do that? I think when I leveled my druid from 76 to 80 it took about a month. And I was a freaking healer and was getting groups every five seconds.

Doing anything on one single character for more than about an hour? There is a lot of crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth on my end.

Let’s not get me started on dailies. Dailies have tossed a sharp pointy stake in the heart of more than one online game for me.

I don’t know how you guys can do it. I mean, clearly, I must have at one point, because I think back to all the video game marathons I managed back when I was on Speeeeeeed™, and I did it back then. These days, though, I can’t go back to that, and ultimately I wouldn’t want to. I like how I am at this point, you know, with the whole doing-one-heroic and then having-to-log-off-for-several-hours-to-recuperate thing. Because in all those several hours that I am logged off, I’m doing other things like drawing or reading or writing or what-have-you, or maybe even taking out the trash when I’m feeling really inspired.

Well, now that I have elaborated far more on this than I was originally planning to, I hope that maybe you have an unde- SQUIRREL.

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It’s been a few weeks since I seriously sat down and played one of my hunters. But I’ve seen a few Beast Mastery related topics sort of floating around the blogosphere/Twittersphere/MMOChampion-sphere so I figured I’d toss a couple of my thoughts out there.

“Beast Mastery is as competitive as Marksmanship and Survival” … really it depends on what you mean by this, since “competitive” can be used in several different ways. What seems to be at odds here is this idea vs. “A good Beast Master can beat a bad MM/SV, but a good Beast Master cannot beat a good MM/SV.”

In this case, I tend to fall more toward the latter camp, based on both math and experience, but I’m pretty lenient with it.

In fact, I’d probably tend to say “A great Beast Master can beat a bad MM/SV and can also beat a good MM/SV.”

A lot of very good Beast Masters say that they beat MM/SV hunters all the time. I think that this is because most of the MM/SV players you will meet in an average PuG or maybe even some of the ones in their guild are so-so, or maybe good, but not great. But were an equally-skilled and equally-geared BM and MM/SV hunter to meet I’d probably put odds on the MM/SV.

Of course, there are a lot of factors at play here, for example: is the fight pet-friendly? Does the fight involve a lot of running around on the hunter’s part while the pet can just sit there and nom the boss? Or does the fight toss around buffs that benefit the hunter and not the pet? (Twin Valks, I’m lookin’ at you.) All of these things will make a difference. DPS doesn’t exist in a vacuum except maybe on Patchwerk.

Now, a question like “is BM raid viable”, though, depends on your guild and on your personal expectations. For my guild, BM is raid viable. For yours, maybe it’s not. It all depends!

Why hasn’t Blizzard buffed Beast Mastery yet? I see this question a lot. I do have a theory. Over the months there have been a lot of blue posts that seem to insinuate that Beast Mastery is still very popular. Now, I’ve no doubt that this is because a lot of hunters run with one BM build for solo’ing/dailies/playing with exotics/what have you. But Blizzard also seems to have insinuated that Beast Mastery is still a popular raid build, contrary to what many people expect, and that it is only getting more popular as time goes on.

Now combine this with blog comments I’ve seen or even PuGs I’ve encountered in game, where you’ll see four or five hunters at a pop all collectively pining for the days of Beast Mastery, and my own personal theory is that Blizzard is sort of afraid of Beast Mastery’s longstanding popularity. In other words, if they really stick it up there on equal footing with MM/SV, they worry that the pendulum will still swing heavily towards BM, just because it’s that popular.

Now, I don’t have the numbers on this, only Blizzard does. And I don’t know the thoughts of all the millions of hunters that play this game. It’s my theory, though.

Should I use Kill Command and Bestial Wrath at the same time?: I do. It’s one of the big reasons why I’m keeping the Bestial Wrath glyph, even if the Hawk glyph is better.

Should I gem for AP as a Beast Master?: The DPS increase between gemming for AP and gemming for Agi is minimal enough that I gem for Agi, myself. But neither is a bad choice as BM.

Should I use Aspect of the Beast during Bestial Wrath?: I’ve played with this before. The overall consensus from my own testing and from the spreadsheet says that it’s a small DPS increase. Small enough that it won’t kill you if you choose not to do it. But if it’s a relatively easy fight and there’s not much going on and you want more to do… sure, have at it! Just remember to switch back to Hawk when you’re done.

Should I use Multishot in my Beast Mastery rotation?: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

But what about Multishot breaking CC and…: I miss the days of CC as much as the next person but the truth is that in today’s WoW, it’s really not something you have to worry about anymore. I can count the number of times I’ve caused a problem with Multishot on one finger. And that finger goes to those pain-in-the-butt pulls in Ulduar leading up to Iron Council/Kologarn. Something was sheeped and I shot it. After that I simply banned Multishot from my rotation in that hallway, but continued to use it elsewhere.

Just use your common sense (don’t use it if you do see something being CC’d,) and you’ll be fine. ^_^

/ramble-mode off

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Toward the end of Burning Crusade I stopped playing my main. No reason. She just lost the appeal. I spent forever gearing her up through Karazhan and later the new badge gear and then I figured I was happy with her and went off to play my druid and Lunapike.

Well, it appears that the same thing is happening again. Here we are in what is supposedly the last major patch of WotLK and I’ve stopped playing my main. Haven’t touched her since last year (quite literally, which I suppose isn’t saying much right now, but hey.) I think the gear reset sort of bugs me. I spent months getting Tawyn up to a really good ToC-era level of gear, and now knowing I have to do it all over again just doesn’t appeal to me. I get bored of endgame much more easily than most people do, I think. All it takes is five or six solid weeks of raiding and then I’m done for months. I am quite certain I’m the World’s Worst Raider.


I’ve actually been logging on to random lowbie alts who I haven’t played in years and are covered in a thick layer of dust, and chucking them into LFG. Because it’s insanely fun. I digress, though.

I’ve found myself wondering if there are other people who temporarily shelve their main at the end of an expansion, too. I know a lot of people switch mains at the beginning of an expansion, but that seems to be when I rediscover my initial main. What say you?

…and as an aside, I also find myself wondering if I should actually start random-dungeoning with Tawyn because then there’s a chance I might wind up in a group with any of you lovely readers who happen to play Bloodlust Alliance, and that would be awesome. (I mean, I suppose you folks on Nightfall Horde could also potentially random-dungeon with Lunapike, but she’s in sort of a weird state of gear-limbo right now and I’m not sure how many of you would be matched up with her.)

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** Low level LFG! The LFG at 80, right now, is not on particularly good standing with me. Dungeons I’ve done a million times before and groups that are like RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH ZOMG ZOMG RUSH RUSH LET’S ALL MAKE FUN OF THE HEALER AND DPS IF THEY FELL A BIT BEHIND THE TANK ON ONE PULL. Heaven forbid you’re new or an alt and still have a couple blues and people inspect you. I mean sometimes you luck out and get a good group, but meh. Needless to say none of my 80s will be getting “the Patient” anytime soon.

Low level dungeons, though, are awesome. Sure, half the time the groups have no idea what they’re doing and there’s no tank or healer, but frankly I’d take that over “AMG RUSH RUSH GEAR SCORE OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND” any day. Maybe that’s just me, though. Gimme my Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep and Wailing Caverns, please. …okay, maybe not Wailing Caverns.

** My warlock. So did this class suddenly decide to get awesome and fun when I wasn’t looking? I tried about three thousand times to make warlocks and suddenly it clicked, I guess. I just DoT things up, watch my screen fill up with numbers, and cackle when I Life Tap + Drain Life.

I'm in ur random dungeon, toppin' ur recount

I'm in ur dungeon, toppin' ur recount

** Enchanters in groups. I get all excited when the little “Disenchant” button pops up. Even better, my ‘lock is an enchanter, so everybody gets all excited about her being in their group.

** Tower Defense games. This has nothing to do with WoW, but it does have something to do with “Things I Like Right Now”, which is the title of the post. So, nyar!

I have loved Tower Defense games since Starcraft’s back in 1999/2000 when you could find delightful gems like “Tower Matrix D” inbetween all the “$$$$$FASTEST MAP EVER$$$$$” games. Since then I’ve played dozens of Tower Defense games and I <3 them all. Desktop Tower Defense is my longstanding favorite, but recently I discovered that Neopets has one called Biscuit Brigade and I immediately had to throw everything aside and master it.


** Bang Shishigami + Falcon Punch:

** Walking aimlessly around my apartment while wearing a trenchcoat, fedora, and pocketwatch, and pretending I’m cool because of it

** Iron Man

** Did I mention my warlock? Yeah. I like my warlock.

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