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By the Way

I’ve been doing one LFG PuG every morning on Tawyn, just for the heck of it. By “morning” I mean somewhere between 5 and 6 am Pacific Time (which is the time zone of my server). Yeah, it’s pretty early, but ya know.

Anyways, why am I saying this? Because if you happen to be in roughly my gearscore-level (I think I am sitting right close to 5000 but honestly I don’t pay attention) and are Alliance in the Bloodlust battlegroup, and you queue that early too, well, you just might see me around.

Hey… it could happen!

So be sure to /wave if you see me, unlike a certain Shy Moonkin who, by the way, was the impetus for point six on my last post, regardless of what said Shy Moonkin says.

Rediscovering Your Roots – And Your New Pet

Rediscovering Your Roots, for those of you who do not do not spend a lot of time on the Isle of Quel’danas, is a Sunwell daily quest wherein you get to travel to Razorthorn Rise (on the border of Terokkar and Hellfire) and temporarily “tame” a ravager to dig up roots for you. This quest is available to any class, but what’s really interesting is that if you are a hunter, not only will you take to this quest like a fish to water, but you can put some of your hunter-skills to really good use.

I did some testing, and here’s what you can do with your temporary pet:

– Any sort of pet attack macro (My pet attack/Hunter’s Mark macro, for example)
– Intimidation
– Bestial Wrath (Big Red Ravagers really are Big Red Ravagers.)
– Mend Pet
– Use Sporeling Snacks and Kibler’s Bits
– Teach him Growl. However, it does not show up because he already knows four moves and you can’t change his moves.
– Misdirect onto him
– Bandage him
– Run around with him while mounted, just like in the old days

And here’s what you can not do:

– Kill Command (kind of random, I think, because so many other pet-based abilities work.)
– Feed your ravager
– “Passive” pet abilities (Ferocity, Frenzy, Ferocious Inspiration)
– Keep him. =( If you go too far outside the area he automatically leaves you and runs back. Also, as of a recent hotfix, these guys cannot be tamed (at least not through the conventional method).

Similarly, you cannot open your spellbook to see his abilities or right click on him to see his attributes.

I’m curious to see how things that I do not have would effect him (Leggings of Beast Mastery, Devilsaur Tooth, etc.) unfortunately I don’t have a lot of fun things like that to play around with.

Have any of you made some interesting discoveries on what you can/can’t do with your temporary pet? Lemme know and I’ll edit ’em into the list!

(Oh, and one final note while we are on the subject of dailies: do not underestimate the power of using the dailies to level a pet who is in their 60s. The other day just doing all the Sunwell quests both on and off the island got Eltanin from roughly 95% into level 63, to 65% into level 64. He is also now Loyalty Level 6. It is indeed a little challenging not having a higher-level pet for the harder quests… but who better to take on a challenge than a hunter! It’s quite fun, actually.)