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[Art Post] Actual Canon Lore…

…that happened after the Siege of Dalaran. Grand Magister Rommath got himself a popsicle, turned to Jaina and Vereesa and said…

popsicle rommieYup.

Sorry for the lack of actual content posts the last couple of days.  I haven’t really had anything in particular to talk about.    Got something for me to talk about?  Lemme know!


Has Anyone Ever Successfully Managed to Navigate the Exodar?

I mean, seriously.

EXODARPic related, it’s an actual map of the Exodar.

Okay, seriously, I have never, in the eight years it’s been since Burning Crusade, been able to navigate this thing.  Ever.  It used to be I’d have to hearthstone to get out.  Recently I ran in as a Horde character with for the Midsummer achivement and guess what, I had to hearth out.  After spending like ten minutes trying to find the stupid bonfire to begin with.

The Exodar and me just don’t get along.  We just don’t.  It’s probably because it knows that I’m actually a blood elf in real life and is doing this just to spite me.

Is it just me?  Please tell me it’s not just me.

I Have a Secret And I’m Not Telling Blizzard (Shhh)

Okay.  Do you guys see this thing?  This thing right here?

Filled Festive MugI got it for the Fourth of July or whatever the Warcraft Universe equivalent is (Fireworks Spectacular or some such.)  Anyways it’s pretty neat because it gives you slowfall and the cooldown is only five seconds so you can give yourself slowfall basically as much as you want.

You will notice that it says “Duration: 1 day”.  That’s because one day after the fireworks show was over, the mug became empty and I couldn’t use it anymore.  So I tossed it.

The next day I logged in and it was, mysteriously, back in my bags.  And full again.

That’s right about when I decided that Blizzard’s bug is my gain because now I have instant slowfall whenever I want it!

Evil-Laugh-Cat-GIFI keep wondering when (or if) this thing is ever gonna disappear.  I mean, it’s been a month.  But for now it’s my little secret.  Don’t tell Blizzard.  Shhhhhh!!!

Top Ten Reasons Why Lor’themar Theron Is The Best Leader

No one knows who this guy is and that’s sad.  That’s sad because Lor’themar is the best.  Full stop.  He has an interesting story, he throws benches in fountains when he gets mad, and he has a kickin’ rad eyepatch.  Speaking of which, let’s start the list:

1. He has a kickin’ rad eyepatch

Source: Wowpedia
Source: Wowpedia

Alright, look at this.  Look how cool he is.  See that eyepatch?  No one else can pull it off.  No one else can be as rugged and gorgeous, at the same time, as Lor’themar.

2. He got the eyepatch being badass and fighting the Scourge

In case you have been living under a rock in the middle of the Barrens somewhere, during the Third War, the Scourge invaded Quel’thalas.  Lor’themar, a Ranger Lord of the Farstriders, was scouting around Zul’Aman for troll activity when he noticed something odd happening.  Upon going to investigate he stumbled into a bunch of re-animated dead elves.  Lor’themar managed to push aside his shock and fight back – losing an eye in the process, but on the plus side now he looks super cool.

No one else will ever be this badass.  (Source: "The Sunwell" manga)
No one else will ever be this badass. (Source: “The Sunwell” manga)

3. He took over after the Scourge invasion because damn straight he did

Lor’themar was always a brilliant tactician and soldier.  He was second-in-command to Sylvanas Windrunner during the Second War, and when Sylvanas met an ill fate during the Third he promptly took charge and gathered up all the survivors that he could find.  Kael’thas was so impressed that he put Lor’themar in charge of everything until he could come back later.  Which brings us to our next point…

4. JUST KIDDING, Kael’thas went nuts so now Lor’themar is still in charge

Lor’themar never really wanted to be in charge of all of Quel’thalas, because why would he?  He’s a badass ranger who is really good at killing things and telling his men how to kill things.  But what else was he supposed to do when Kael betrayed his own people and forced them into a Civil War?  Well I’ll tell you what Lor’themar did, he just stayed in charge because they needed him to, and he knew that.  Silvermoon expects that every elf will do his duty.

"I am large and in charge, but only if I get to have a kickass bow and sword"
“I am large and in charge, but only if I get to have a kickass bow and sword”

5. Lor’themar will mess you up if you mess with the blood elves

And there will be two hits: him hitting you, and you hitting the ground.  He loves his people and his homeland and you do NOT want to get on his bad side because you’ll know when he’s mad.  Because…

6. He flings benches into fountains when he gets angry

This actually happens at the end of the Divine Bell questline if you’re Horde.  It’s worth doing the entire time-gated questline just so you can view this awesome moment.

7. If Alliance try to attack him he casts Mass Charm on them

Because he’s just so charming :3

Source: hyperion1224 at deviantart

8. He carries around more baggage than a jumbo jet

Random sampling of stuff Lor’themar is either largely or solely responsible for:

  • Telling his old friend Dar’khan Drathir all about the Sunwell’s defenses because why not (Dar’khan immediately turned around and gave Arthas all the juicy details)
  • Kicking the high elves out of Silvermoon when they decided they didn’t want cool green glowy eyes not to siphon magic from living creatures
  • Asking the blood elves to fight in wars that are not really theirs or that they do not have available forces for, because they have no other choice

Basically he is either directly or indirectly responsible for a great deal of Bad Things.  But he shoulders these burdens because…

9. That’s just what he does


Lor’themar is a Farstrider who is stuck being, well, decisively not a Farstrider.  It kinda sucks, but much like the sin’dorei have their own less-than-ideal lot in life at the moment, so too does Lor’themar.  Sacrifices have got to be made if Silvermoon and Quel’thalas are ever  to return to their former glory.

And, finally…

10. He’s smokin’ hot

And he has two smokin’ hot advisors named Halduron and Rommath and all three of them are gonna mess up your day.  Or alternatively cause you to drool all over yourself.  Depending on which way you swing.


TLDR Lor’themar is the best racial leader in World of Warcraft.  And now you know.

There’s Always Money in the Tel’Abim Banana Stand

these are my awards cadyAlthalor likes to collect little pets – probably because he likes animals (he’s a Beast Master, after all) and also because he’s a sensitive sucker for things that were orphaned like he was.  Then he shows them off to his best friend Cadyna.  Like so.  (And then she promptly pretends that she has no idea who he is.)

Cookies to all of you who get the reference in the quote!

This has been a Cop-Out Post brought to you by the fact that I’m going on vacation tomorrow so I’ve been running around getting ready for that.  I will be sans-WoW for a week but I plan on still writing lots of posts when I can.  See you guys on the other side!

I Love The Darkmoon Faire

I remember back in the day when the Darkmoon Faire involved going to Goldshire and… … …???… ??????/….. … …I don’t know.  Chasing that one kid around I guess?  I never really did figure out how the old Darkmoon Faire worked.  Heck, after a couple of glances I stopped paying attention to it entirely.

But at some point a few years back Blizzard redid the Darkmoon Faire and it’s absolutely amazing.  It actually feels like a fair!  And there’s actually fun stuff to do!  I go every day and do all my dailies there just because it’s so much fun.  (except the new Ring Toss because it’s BS).

I’m not the only one, am I?  Who else out there LOVES the Darkmoon Faire?

P.S. The proper way to do the Darkmoon Faire is to do it whilst listening to this song:

What’s This?

When it comes to WoW, I’m feeling a bit like Jack Skellington right now.  How so?  Well…


What’s this?  What’s this?
Pet Battles everywhere
What’s this?
Garrisons over there

What’s this?
I can’t believe my eyes
I must be dreaming
Wake up Pike
This isn’t fair
What’s this?

What’s this?  What’s this?
This isn’t how it’s done
What’s this?
The expac is still fun

What’s this?
The game is lined with
The new models laughing
And the game just feels so happy
Have I possibly gone daffy?

I want to know, I want to know
I want to know, I want to know


Hmm… Warlords of…. Draenor…?

I dunno you guys.  I definitely don’t want to make any promises but this is the first time since Wrath that I feel like I might be around for more than just a few months…


But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Top Five Things From WoW That Need to Step on a Lego

There have been a lot of changes in WoW since the last time I played.  A lot of these are pretty great, but some are not-so-great.  Here’s my own personal list of the not-so-great:

5. Lack of Hunter Stat Sticks

I’m fine with getting rid of minimum range (good luck getting me to break the habit of keeping range though), but how am I supposed to carry both Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle AND Legacy now? Pike is not impressed.


4. Chess Event is Bugged

All I want to do is to solo Karazhan but as of 5.0.4 Medivh now cheats every ten seconds instead of every minute. Have fun doing this one solo! Especially when nobody tells you of the bug and you spend an hour trying to do it.

LEGO RATING: That long skinny piece.

3. Wailing Caverns is Still In The Game

I will fiercely defend stuff like BRD and Gnomeregan until the end of time but Wailing Caverns is just something else entirely. The great part is that Blizzard said something like “Hey guys, we’re nerfing Wailing Caverns to make it easier!” but in reality their idea of a nerf is as follows:

Actual in-game map of Wailing Caverns.

: That pointy triangle piece.

2. You Can Still Get Sunken Temple as a Random Dungeon

Accurate depiction of what I do when that happens:

LEGO RATING: Two pointy triangle pieces.

1. Gnomes Still Can’t Be Hunters

LEGO RATING: All the legos that you need to build a Turbo-Charged Flying Machine.