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What’s Your Leveling Strategy?

Recently I’ve been rotating between playing three alts: a feral druid, a fire mage, and a ret pally.  They’re all pretty close in level, and two of the three are in Outland.  I’m kind of excited to be able to see all this content again that I haven’t seen since… uh… probably since I leveled my resto druid back in Wrath of the Lich King.

My leveling tactic with them is to alternate days, so that I play one of them every three days.  This lets them build up lots of rested time inbetween playtime, and that plus heirlooms is keeping things pretty quick.  Still, Hellfire Peninsula is just as much of a slog as I remember.  I’m looking forward to being able to split my three little lowbies across the various Outland zones (and Northrend zones) with as little overlap as possible, but unfortunately you gotta do the Hellfire slog on pretty much everyone.

How do you guys level?  Do you just burst through LFG or do you actually quest?  Or is it a mix?

I HAVE SOME CONCERNS, aka Screw It, I’ll Play My Mage

There are a lot of things about the impending expansion that I’m not really sold on.  I don’t want to say they’ve turned me off of the game, because obviously we’ve only been aware of this stuff for 24 hours.  There’s a lot that can change between now and, you know, whenever this actually releases in the future.

But, okay.  Like.  Artifact weapons.  They are tied to your spec.  If I want the really cool phoenix bow with the really cool elf lore, I have to be Marksmanship.  But Marksmanship is confirmed for not having a pet in the expansion (similarly, Survival is confirmed for being a melee spec) and that does not appeal to me in the slightest.

So… wat do?

CLEARLY the answer is to play my mage.  At least he’s gonna get Felo’melorn, which I plan on nerding out over in a different post very soon.

Besides, once you start porting everywhere, you can’t go back.

Alt Leveling Right Now Is the Best It’s Ever Been In This Game

That’s a bold statement, perhaps, but it’s true.  I have been playing this game for almost a decade and I have never had this much fun leveling up new characters.  I’m not sure what it is, exactly.  I think it’s a combination of both the new Heirloom Tab and how easy it is to use, and how streamlined classes feel right now.  It feels like every class I touch is just an absolute blast.

cayrel profileI’m just having

glofish profilea great deal of fun right now

quileus profileplaying my alts

and yeah.  I highly recommend it.  Leveling is smooth, quick (but not too quick– then again, I’m only in about half heirlooms) and fun.

Regardless of what you may think about this expansion’s endgame, I can’t complain about this expansion for alts.  This is the best it’s ever been!

“Too many alts! (too many aaaalts) Too many alts!”

Yes, that is I, unabashedly earworming you.

I’ve been playing a rotation of alts lately, largely depending on who has rested experience that day.  Specifically, I’m playing a paladin, a mage, and a feral druid.

CFUPxUEVEAAnP_OAnd, truth be told, it’s really not too many alts.  In fact, I think it’s just about… the right amount of alts.  Not too many, but enough for some variety.  (Well, I mean, unless you start throwing in my level 91 hunter and my level 87 hunter and my level 41 hunter, BUT ANYWAY)

The game is really fun lately.  I’m so happy.  I love this stupid gorram game and I love all my stupid gorram characters because I usually give them all huge expansive backstories.  Because I am a nerd.  Anyways, I’m assuming that not playing the game for many long years has given me a fresh new outlook on it and I’m just finding it to be a blast.

Well!  Off to play an alt!  I’m not sure which one yet.

My paladin has freckles

I made a paladin recently, because… I don’t know.  I wanted to make one.  I had some heirlooms so why not.

So I made a paladin.




super cute paladin

Is she not THE CUTEST?

Also have you rolled a low-level paladin decked out in heirlooms lately?  If so I encourage you to give it a try.  It’s absolutely, utterly hilarious and things die in, like, one or two hits.  PALADINS.  You should try one.

Some thoughts on Mists of Pandaria!

Before I go into this I need to caveat this by saying that I quit raiding halfway through WotLK so this is coming purely from a “casual” perspective. I know that there are some kerfuffles going on regarding raiding but I have no personal experience with that so I can’t comment on it.

That said, Mists of Pandaria is fantastic so far. I really don’t have enough praise for it. I love the pandas. I love the quests. I love that I can group with people on other servers. I really love the zones. Every single zone so far is better than every one of the Cata zones (with the exception of Uldum but Uldum was just god-tier in every way so it sort of doesn’t count.)

Blizz has made a lot of really great quality of life changes and I appreciate them. I’m still waiting for a “toybox” or something to hold all of the toys we’re getting in panda quests because my bags could really use a break, but BEYOND THAT I love everything.

MoP has really revitalized the game for me. Cata was just… I don’t know. I wanted so much to like it. I appreciate all the immense amount of work Blizzard put into revamping 1-60, I really do. But something about it just didn’t click for me. Uldum, and to a lesser extent Vas’jir, were the only two new zones that I liked, and the others were thoroughly forgettable. Similarly I only really liked two of the new dungeons while the others just… urgh. Anyways, that’s why I hardly played at all during that expac.

But now here we are and I’m having a blast and Mr. Pike and I are talking about doing Loremaster because we’re just having that much fun!

Also, apparently a male blood elf hunter is my main now. I know, I know. But Mr. Pike rolled a female blood elf mage and grouping them up together is ridiculously adorable. Fun fact: this blood elf of mine has been around since Burning Crusade. No really, I think he was in his 50s or something when Wrath hit. Then I got him to 63 or so and quit leveling him entirely until about four weeks ago and now he’s level 88.

Also he’s cute. Shut up. MALE BLOOD ELVES ARE CUTE OKAY. I mean look at this bad boy:

Would tame.

How is MoP treating you, my friends?

Just Keep Playing, Just Keep Playing

Cataclysm is really shaping up to be exceeding my expectations. Just playing alts is keeping me more than occupied. I haven’t felt this way since I started playing in ’07. It’s really great.

Both of my high-level hunters are now 81. One is in Hyjal and one is in Vash’jir. I’m keeping them fairly even level-wise and having a lot of fun with it. I did… Blackrock Caverns, I think it’s called? Man. I’m still not sure if I hated or loved that dungeon. It’s sort of a weird mix of both. I hated it because it took about two hours in my PuG group and we wiped more than I have wiped in months. I loved it because the boss mechanics and strats were actually interesting. One of them had beams that you’re supposed to stand in. “Oh, like Netherspite in Kara?” I asked. “Yep,” was the reply. It made me happy. Someone else who had done Kara. Because everyone should do Kara. <3 Speaking of Kara, did you know that Attumen is solo'able by a level 80 resto druid, if you have twenty minutes and a lot of patience?

Now you know!

You can boomkin through the trash with ease, but when you’re tanking both Attumen and Midnight separately at the beginning of the encounter you just end up taking too much damage. Never fear, Tree Tank is here! Waiting around for Innervates was the most time-consuming part.

As always, he failed to drop my necklace, which I will never ever see.

Afterward I switched back to boomkin, charged into that room full of trash and popped Barkskin, Starfall, and Hurricane, and died in a beautiful blaze of glory.

…and speaking of boomkins…

A few months back when I mentioned that I didn’t think I would have money for Cataclysm, you guys really responded. So much, in fact, that not only could I afford Cataclysm, but I could also afford to buy WoW cards for my younger sisters (their accounts were long since canceled due to lack of funds) and also get them Wrath of the Lich King (they were still back in BC-land) and Moonkin Hatchlings. They’re really excited to be back, and the first thing we did was organize a Moonkin Family Reunion, complete with pet biscuits.

The second thing we did was get onto the boat to go to Borean Tundra. Or, we would have, if the boat didn’t glitch and strand a poor level 70, without Cataclysm, in Vashj’ir. Yeah I can’t put my finger on that one either…

Fortunately I went and rescued her. She promptly set her hearthstone to that boat as a joke, which made me panic until she pointed out that she can teleport to Moonglade. Ohhh yeah, I forgot druids could do that.

tl;dr: Alts are fun, dungeons are fun-strating (my new portmanteau of fun and frustrating), Karazhan is still the best raid and boats are glitchy.

Just Can’t Get Enough

Guys, I don’t know what happened.

I rolled a Worgen mage just to see the starting zone. And then log out. That’s all. I swear, that’s all.

But all of a sudden it’s a couple feverish days later and I’m level 22 and all I want to do is play her. I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s like my first time through the game all over again. Like, I want to see the new 80-85 zones but I want to see them on my mage now. And being a worgen is so cool, I love how hardcore she looks and oh my gosh you guys.

We’re Running Wild, and Blinking down the street
And I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough
Every time I think of you I know I have to play
And I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough

It’s getting colder, it’s a “Frosty” love
And I just can’t seem to get enough of…

Because Team Lupin Is Superior to Team Jacob

I rolled a Worgen, and I liked it.

You have to understand, I have been pro-Goblin since the Goblin and Worgen mask rumors showed up on MMO-Champion a couple years back. Worgens in Goldshire, I loudly proclaimed, would be the reason I perma-switched to Horde. Until I remembered that there were no gnomes Horde-side, at which point I reminded myself that goblins would be the new gnomes.

So this whole time I’ve been stoked for Goblins, and when I got Cataclysm the other day the very first thing I did… okay, the very first thing I did was check to see if you could fly around in Stormwind now, and you can. The very SECOND thing I did was roll a Goblin. Hunter, duh. Named Ratchets. She’s pretty fantastic. The goblin starter quests are one of the greatest things ever. (Those of you who have done them, back me up here!)

But then I thought, “You know… let’s try one of them newfangled Worgen things. You know, just for kicks. Just to look around. I’ll probably log out in a couple of levels.”

Well, then, you see, this happened (click for larger):

Pic related: my face when.

Penny Arcade is spot on.

I now have a Worgen Mage who is level 14. I got there all in one sitting. I NEVER LEVEL TO 14 ALL IN ONE SITTING EVER. Apparently I do now? And I would have gone farther, too, if I didn’t have to go to bed. I think it’s the top hat quest reward. It has magical experience-granting powers.

Although do allow me to express my disappointment that you cannot equip both the top hat and engineering goggles simultaneously. I mean, really.

The Littlest Heroes

Over the last three and a half years I have sent three hunters and two druids through this portal but this is my first warlock.

Obviously the ceremonial screenshot had to happen.

I love how Tawbree is as big as Lil’ XT.

Now my favorite part about going through the Dark Portal is the hugely scary Pit Commander on the other side, because it makes me stop and go “whoa” every time. So I charged in, eager to be reunited with my big scary friend again, aaaaand he was dead. Guess that says something about the state of the Outlands these days. Good times…