So I Don’t Know If This is a Bug or What, But…

Crown of the Fire Festival is now transmoggable!

This is a prize from the Fire Festival holiday event, and up until now, it was really only good for selfie and screenshot purposes because you couldn’t transmog into it.  But as of yesterday’s patch, well… let’s just say Althalor is even prettier than usual now!

CN6rq3PUsAA7WBp.jpg largeSo if you have this item lying around, and want to look pretty at ALL TIMES… go for it!

This wasn’t in any sort of patch notes so it may be a bug rather than a feature.  In that case, enjoy it while it lasts!

3 thoughts on “So I Don’t Know If This is a Bug or What, But…”

  1. Ooooooooooooooooooo!

    I don’t have a fire mage or destro Warlock, but that would be PERFECT for either.

    Well, ‘cept a proper Destro warlock would have green fire, but OTHERWISE …

  2. Not a bug, I just submitted a ticket to get it restored and they got back to me saying that usually they wouldn’t restore quest rewards just for transmog but that since it was a recent change they did it this time.

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