Dear Blizzard. Fix Transmog. Love, Pike.

I like transmog.  I like it a lot.  Case in point:

WoWScrnShot_030115_173531Pretty good, huh?

It does, however, need an overhaul.  Mostly because it’s REALLY UNWIELDY.

If I want to transmog into an awesome new set, I have to dig through my bank and my void storage, pull everything out, go over to the transmog guy, pay money to transmog every item one by one, then go back to the void storage guy and pay money to put my stuff back.  It’s all a great big first world pain in the tushy.

giphySo what should we do?  Well, we should make it like Diablo 3’s system, or failing that (say if Blizzard wants to keep farming for transmoggable items a thing) then we should be allowed to stick all the gear for one set into, say, a box, and then be able to label that box and transmog into everything in that box at the click of a button.

Also it should be cheaper.  Yeah, I said it.

What do you guys think?

Edit: I have been informed that I have been Wrong On The Internet and you can transmog from void storage.  It’s still far too unwieldy because I still have to dig through all my different sets.  I still want my gorram box.  And it should still be cheaper!

3 thoughts on “Dear Blizzard. Fix Transmog. Love, Pike.”

  1. I already mentioned it on Twitter but you *can* transmog from your bank and void storage already! There should be little expandable menus to click on in the transmog vendors window. I can screenshot it when I’m off work.

    Don’t spend another gold piece moving gear!

  2. Wait, you shouldn’t need to pull stuff out of void storage at all. There should be a (sadly small) pop-up indicator on each slot that let’s you transmog to anything in either your bags, bank or void storage.

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