Tawyn just got herself sloshed, got butt naked, and tamed another spirit beast.

I swear I don’t go out looking for these spirit beasts, they just show up when I’m around and then I have to have them.  It’s actually kind of annoying because my stable is almost full.  Good thing I’ve got two level 85 hunters and a level 79 hunter and all those other ones too!

2 Responses to “Feels Good to be a Gangsta”
  1. Henry says:

    A full stable – the eternal torment of any Beastmaster.
    Right now, I am thinking about letting two of my Hunter pets go.
    But deciding which two…

    I love my newest Spirit beast: Karoma

  2. Nytetyger says:

    Ankha was the ginormous pain in the butt of the universe when they first came out. I was able to tame the blue one, rehome SIX more blue tigers and even tamed the darn spirit OWL before I finally got Ankha.

    I’m really hoping that the upcoming ones for Pandaria are a lot less of a bother.

    yeah… who am I kidding…

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