Just Keep Playing, Just Keep Playing

Cataclysm is really shaping up to be exceeding my expectations. Just playing alts is keeping me more than occupied. I haven’t felt this way since I started playing in ’07. It’s really great.

Both of my high-level hunters are now 81. One is in Hyjal and one is in Vash’jir. I’m keeping them fairly even level-wise and having a lot of fun with it. I did… Blackrock Caverns, I think it’s called? Man. I’m still not sure if I hated or loved that dungeon. It’s sort of a weird mix of both. I hated it because it took about two hours in my PuG group and we wiped more than I have wiped in months. I loved it because the boss mechanics and strats were actually interesting. One of them had beams that you’re supposed to stand in. “Oh, like Netherspite in Kara?” I asked. “Yep,” was the reply. It made me happy. Someone else who had done Kara. Because everyone should do Kara. <3 Speaking of Kara, did you know that Attumen is solo'able by a level 80 resto druid, if you have twenty minutes and a lot of patience?

Now you know!

You can boomkin through the trash with ease, but when you’re tanking both Attumen and Midnight separately at the beginning of the encounter you just end up taking too much damage. Never fear, Tree Tank is here! Waiting around for Innervates was the most time-consuming part.

As always, he failed to drop my necklace, which I will never ever see.

Afterward I switched back to boomkin, charged into that room full of trash and popped Barkskin, Starfall, and Hurricane, and died in a beautiful blaze of glory.

…and speaking of boomkins…

A few months back when I mentioned that I didn’t think I would have money for Cataclysm, you guys really responded. So much, in fact, that not only could I afford Cataclysm, but I could also afford to buy WoW cards for my younger sisters (their accounts were long since canceled due to lack of funds) and also get them Wrath of the Lich King (they were still back in BC-land) and Moonkin Hatchlings. They’re really excited to be back, and the first thing we did was organize a Moonkin Family Reunion, complete with pet biscuits.

The second thing we did was get onto the boat to go to Borean Tundra. Or, we would have, if the boat didn’t glitch and strand a poor level 70, without Cataclysm, in Vashj’ir. Yeah I can’t put my finger on that one either…

Fortunately I went and rescued her. She promptly set her hearthstone to that boat as a joke, which made me panic until she pointed out that she can teleport to Moonglade. Ohhh yeah, I forgot druids could do that.

tl;dr: Alts are fun, dungeons are fun-strating (my new portmanteau of fun and frustrating), Karazhan is still the best raid and boats are glitchy.

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  1. Maybe your boat got attacked by a kraken during the loading screen and your sister was the (un)lucky one who got dragged overboard.

    Also, I will be borrowing funstrating *nods*

  2. One of these days I will *really* have to try a boomkin. I went back to basics and rolled a Worgen warrior. My first “stand around and bash stuff” since vanilla WoW. And it’s way more fun then I remember it having been before. So who knows where this will all lead? No goblin toons yet, I’m too busy with my other Alts.

    Oh, and you need to update your Armory links in the sidebar…

  3. Yay! Hadn’t realized you were back. Glad you are enjoying cata. The dungeons are a vast improvement all the way up. Also that is one hell of a bug.

  4. lol, that’s cool. a whole family reunion on WoW. I’m having a blast on my Worgen warrior tank!

    But, I do have on disappointment with Cata. I was doing a Nexus run with a goblin shaman, and when he popped his totems, I thought they were some strange engineering things….goblins should not be shamans. The guy did fine in the run, but goblins should not be shamans.

  5. As I was telling my guildies the other night, I’m having too much fun playing lowish-level alts and re-exploring a changed Azeroth to really feel up to leveling my main. He was seventh in my (social) guild to hit 80 when Wrath came out. He’s 81 now. I might not even be in the first 25 to hit 85, and I don’t mind one bit.

  6. @Bamos
    But goblins love “improving” things! Rocket powered fire elementals, Steel clad earth elementals, Nitro elementals… the things goblins could do with shamanistic power is amazing 😀

    Man, I really miss Kara and the awesome music that came with it; but I am super happy with the instances I have seen. I was just as impressed with the beams fight as you seemed to have been, but my favourite?

    Kiting the adds on the last boss. so much fun, even while BM 😀

  7. Y’know lass, Kara, and ZA if you want, as well as most of the BC raids, are soloable by a Feral druid instead of Resto. (As well as a number of other classes and specs) Quite a lot of fun, actually, I do it on a regular basis in my hunt for rare mounts.

  8. You should really start playing on your hunters again, at least for now. The new content, especially Deepholm, is amazing to tour through (need to be level 83 to get the Hero’s Call for Deepholm). Also, it’s currently a heyday for your favorite spec. Survival hunters, while very focus-starved, are currently doing insane amounts of damage thanks to Explosive Shot. Also, chain trapping has never been so painless – you just expend a little focus and time every 30 seconds to trap or retrap Blue Square, then take your free LnL proc and go play with Blue Square’s buddies, White Skull and Red X. Even if the tank only wants one mob to be CC’d, they wind up with some variety of frozen critter thanks to my trap-happy pyromanic dwarf.

    So, you should really do some dungeon crawling now and then, and see the new zones. Not every PuG is a wipe-fest, but the dungeons are all quite interesting.

  9. Well Pike….if you do decide to go ” a huntering ” again, I think that you will love Cata. The lore of Hyjal is great. When you are able to get into Twilight Higlands you will experience ( in my humble Dwarven opinion ) the greatest bunch of quests ever with the Wildhammer Dwarves. Pants stealing, song writing and wedding planning are all there ..along with dailies that REQUIRE you to get “stone blind paralyzed drunk”. It’s a Dwarven paradise I tell ye !! 😀

  10. Yay glad your playing and having fun! My hunter just got to NR so it will be a while till he gets to Cata content

  11. Cialbi, regarding the joys of chain trapping, my favorite heroic fight is fast becoming Beauty in BRC. My guild and I discovered last week that we can have an SV hunter with the tier-2 talent (I can never remember what it’s called) that extends trap duration keep two of the three adds locked down for the duration. Freeze time lasts about 1.5 mins., and the cd on Freezing Trap is 24 secs., soooo…I’m looking forward to trying to handle all 3 at some point. 😀

    On the initial pull, the other two adds do, of course, have to be CC’d by someone else, but from there on in, I take over responsibility for one of the other adds as well as mine, freeing up another dps to happily tank ‘n spank away at will.

    Blue skies, smilin’ at me…/happyhunterdance

  12. I solo him every reset…hope they break it down to a 3-day reset like they did with certain other instances that you can no longer get mounts out of. -_-
    Anyhow, I’ve seen everything drop but the mount while soloing him, and for me, getting that mount is a special quest of sorts. I love the model even more than the headless horseman’s and lost a roll on it by a mere three points back in BC.

    Still though, it’s a fun run…and I still love Kara.

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