I rolled a Worgen, and I liked it.

You have to understand, I have been pro-Goblin since the Goblin and Worgen mask rumors showed up on MMO-Champion a couple years back. Worgens in Goldshire, I loudly proclaimed, would be the reason I perma-switched to Horde. Until I remembered that there were no gnomes Horde-side, at which point I reminded myself that goblins would be the new gnomes.

So this whole time I’ve been stoked for Goblins, and when I got Cataclysm the other day the very first thing I did… okay, the very first thing I did was check to see if you could fly around in Stormwind now, and you can. The very SECOND thing I did was roll a Goblin. Hunter, duh. Named Ratchets. She’s pretty fantastic. The goblin starter quests are one of the greatest things ever. (Those of you who have done them, back me up here!)

But then I thought, “You know… let’s try one of them newfangled Worgen things. You know, just for kicks. Just to look around. I’ll probably log out in a couple of levels.”

Well, then, you see, this happened (click for larger):

Pic related: my face when.

Penny Arcade is spot on.

I now have a Worgen Mage who is level 14. I got there all in one sitting. I NEVER LEVEL TO 14 ALL IN ONE SITTING EVER. Apparently I do now? And I would have gone farther, too, if I didn’t have to go to bed. I think it’s the top hat quest reward. It has magical experience-granting powers.

Although do allow me to express my disappointment that you cannot equip both the top hat and engineering goggles simultaneously. I mean, really.

14 Responses to “Because Team Lupin Is Superior to Team Jacob”
  1. Elsi says:

    I have yet to work through the Goblin experience…but the Worgen one just floored me it was so well done!

  2. Grimmtooth says:

    It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s always better with a top hat.

    Dapper’s the new black.

  3. Kareth says:

    Just got Cataclysm installed last night. I’m really looking forward to seeing both the goblin and the worgen starter areas.

    And speaking of dapper lycanthropes, if you haven’t yet you have got to read Soulless by Gail Carriger. It’s an incredible book set in a Victorian steampunk alt-history with werewolves in cumberbuns, delightfully foppish vampires and a main character who kills a man (vampire actually) with a parasol in the opening scene.

  4. girl_vs_mmo says:

    First let me just say I can not express enough how much I love the title of this post. I did both the Worgen and the goblin starting areas and they are both great in their own way. Personally I enjoyed the goblin starter area a lot more only because it was just about having fun. The Worgen area is rich with lore and story telling which is great mind you for us lore geeks. But if you just want to laugh your ass off and have a good time roll a goblin.

  5. Stop says:

    (Those of you who have done them, back me up here!)

    Hell to the yes. I finally got to complete it myself because each time I’d try it in the beta, part of it would be broken and thus would proceed no further (almost always a phasing issue). It was faaaaaantastic, and I’ll gleefully do it again on another goblin, just as soon as I hit 85 on my paladin… and maybe level Gutsco the (utterly iconic goblin) Rogue some more…

  6. Ardprest says:

    I gave up trying to choose and rolled one of each. A Worgen warrior on Silver Hand and a Goblin Mage on Dragonmaw. Trying to split my limited online time between the both of them and having an insanely fun time doing it…

  7. Kit says:

    There needs to be a “Two Hat Crew” to petition for goggles + top hat :)

  8. Omogon of Lethon says:

    I don’t have the time to roll a new toon :) too busy questing in Hyjal on Omogon. If you like lore then Hyjal is great. Hope to hit 82 tonight :)

  9. elfennau says:

    Everything is better with a top hat!!! :D

  10. Tom says:

    Dear Ghostcrawler,

    We of the Horde most humbly petition to trade the goblins for the worgen. Sylvanas said she’s sorry for the whole invasion thingy, and prepared to fully embrace our new furry brethren in Elune.

    Cordially, Garrosh /nod

  11. Donovitch says:

    I think it is better expressed as “dapper is and has always been the father of black” in fact it is like Sean Connery ending up being Harrison Ford’s dad in indiana jones- it is like having your cake and getting to eat it too. (that and victorian style was very dark anyway).

  12. Windpaw says:

    (snip) Although do allow me to express my disappointment that you cannot equip both the top hat and engineering goggles simultaneously. I mean, really.(snip)


    ::polishes monocle::

  13. Isaac says:

    I haven’t rolled a Worgen yet, but I went through the Goblin starting area experience in one sitting and thought it was really fun.

    Motorized gravy-boat. With laser lump vaporizer!

  14. Bamos says:

    The worgen starting zone is a serious contenter for the most badass thing I have ever seen on this game. Well done, Blizzard!

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