New Pets!

As we are all aware, the best part of the new patch for hunters is being able to tame about a million more pets. Hunters have collectively been dreaming of this day since the stable could only hold three pets, and now it is finally ours.

…granted, even though I have multiple hunters, two of which are at max level and one of which is relatively close to it, I’ve only tamed three new pets so far. Hey, you’ve gotta spread out the goodness.

Tawyn went out and tamed the devilsaur in Netherstorm and named him Roxton (Cookie Points– much better than Brownie Points– for anyone who gets the name before seeing this link.)

Meanwhile, Lunapike went and got herself a corehound. Specifically, the one from the draenei starting area. I heard some rumor somewhere that Horde wouldn’t be able to tame it anymore once the world changes due to the boat being replaced with an Alliance-only flight point or something, and while I don’t know if the rumor is true (you’d think that would throw a wrench in the Explorer achievement, afterall), I wanted to cover all my bases just in case.

So this is Tock. He is a Watch Dog. (Raise your hand if you read The Phantom Tollbooth when you were a kid.)

Finally, Lunapike’s also tamed a raptor. For starters, raptors are basically my favorite pet family EVAR. Secondly, it had to be done in response to Krizzly’s Mudkip:

u mad?

10 thoughts on “New Pets!”

  1. Umm, these were trainable when BC came out …. Ive had that core hound and dino since BC …. I dont know about the green guy though.

  2. @ Osi – The Core Hound and Devilsaur were not tame-able until Wrath of the Lich King (or at least, patch 3.0). Regardless, that’s not what the post is about: these pets are New as in “I Just Now Decided to Tame Them”, not New as in “Couldn’t Be Tamed Until Now”

  3. @Osi: The idea is that we now have room to tame pets we’ve never tamed before. My stable was rather full pre-patch with my wolf, spirit beast, turtle for soloing, that core hound boss from UBRS that was a real challenge to tame pre-4.0.1 (I hear rumors that his boss tag will disappear, which makes me sad), and a silithid I used for PvP. Now, I can tame a wide variety of pets without having to go through picking which pet to abandon every time I want a new one. Granted my stable is starting to run out of room…

  4. “Raise your hand if you read The Phantom Tollbooth when you were a kid.”

    Over and over and over again. *And* it was the first chapter book I read to my son. So…yeah, I’m gonna have to tame myself a Tock now, damnit.

  5. I went and grabbed the brown silithid from shimmering flats since thousand needles is going underwater in less than a months time. thats a nice skin indeed. I had him a while back but had too drop him to tame Skoll.

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